XO II Platinum 1 Metre PS3 HDMI Cable

XO II Platinum 1 Metre PS3 HDMI Cable allows you the luxury of seeing and hearing every detail without any compromise. XO II Platinum 1 Metre PS3 HDMI Cable delivers uncompressed 1080p/120 Hz high definition video with 12-bit deep color, eight channels of 192/24 digital audio for ultimate 7.1 surround sound, and an integrated control channel – all in one cable. XO II Platinum 1 Metre PS3 HDMI Cable also eliminates digital-to-analog conversion between your video sources and display for the most accurate high definition picture. PS3 HDMI cable 1m, high quality hdmi cable for transferring, uncompressed digital video, audio and control functions. XO II Platinum Range cables utilise v 1.4a Advanced High Speed HDMI technology for high bandwidth and speeds of up to 15.2 Gbps – perfect for Full High Definition movies and the ultimate home theatre or gaming experience. XO II Platinum Range cables are designed for FULL HD, 1080p, TVs with Deep Color (12-bit colour) technology and are designed to embrace the latest in LED, Blu-Ray and advanced Refresh Rate technologies. Total Support for x.v.Colour is ensured, and a colour gamut 1.8 x greater than that of Standard RGB can be achieved. Lossless Surround Sound support provides total compatibility with Dolby(r) TrueHD and DTS-HD(tm). XO II Platinum Range  HDMI cables benefit from 24k Gold Plated (30U Micron) connectors and are Oxygen purged to greater than 99.99% purity. XO II Platinum now has the most future-ready performance specification (High Speed with Ethernet) supporting all features of the latest HDMI 1.4 version: 3D Blu-ray and 3D gaming in full HD 1080p Ethernet Channel allowing a shared Internet connection between devices Audio Return Channel allowing TV’s with inbuilt tuners to send audio back to an A/V receiver on the same HDMI cable. The result is a HDMI cable of incredible build-quality that’s robustly designed to ensure rock-solid reliable performance.

Key Features:
  • Length: 1m / 1 Metre
  • Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric with quad-shielding for maximum signal strength.
  • Delivers Up to 1080p Digital HDTV.
  • Male to Male Connection
  • Limited Stock specially designed for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
  • 24K Gold-plated Connector Plug Contacts
  • Mylar Backed Foil
  • High Speed (Catergory 2)
  • HDMI 1.3b increases its single-link bandwidth from 165MHz (4.95 gigabits per second) to 340 MHz (10.2 Gbps) to support the demands of future high definition display devices, such as higher resolutions, Deep Colour and high frame rates.


What is 1080p HDMI Cable.

The 1080p cable is another name for the high speed 1.4 HDMI standard cable. It means the cable can support 1080p. Unlike most HDMI cables, Inspire Audio video cables use individual, shielded, twisted pair wires for an unsurpassed video signal. Oxygen-free copper provides solid conductivity, and 24k gold-plated connectors won’t corrode, for a longer lifetime. Perfect for connecting your HDTV, DVD/Blu-Ray players, gaming systems, and other home theater/entertainment components. Regular TV cables or 1.3 HDMI cable cannot handle so much digital data per second. So the 1.4 hdmi cables are a vital part of the home entertainment connection bundle. Optimized HDMI cables are specially designed for high-def video/audio signals for home theater applications and professional home theater installations.

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