Kodak touchscreen digicam

Announced all the way back at CES 2010, Kodak’s latest point-and-shoot digital camera has finally gone up for sale.  The Kodak Slice is a 14-megapixel compact, with an internal 5x optical zoom, image stabilization and a 3.5-inch 16:9 capacitive touchscreen on the back.  As well as taking photos it can record 720p HD video at 30fps.

As well as 2GB of onboard storage there’s a microSDHC card slot, though you’ll have to make do with USB 2.0 as there’s no HDMI or A/V connectivity.  There’s both face and scene detection, and an automatic “Smart Shoot” mode which will pair those features with ISO and dynamic range balance for better shots.  ISO settings from 64 to 3200 are possible.

Finally you get a “Share” button which allows you to preselect which photos you want to upload to various different social networks – including Facebook, Flickr and YouTube – and have them automatically sent when you next plug the Slice into your computer.


Another Lawsuit for Apple

Apple and other electronics firms seemingly find themselves embroiled in patent infringement suits all the time. One name we don’t often hear with infringement suits is Kodak. Kodak has filed a suit against Apple and RIM alleging patent infringement.

Kodak alleges that both RIM and Apple are infringing on patents it holds on digital imaging. Kodak has filed the suit with the ITC with the specific claim that camera-enabled devices from Apple and RIM infringe on a patent Kodak holds having to do with previewing images.

Kodak also filed another suit against Apple alleging that it is also infringing on patents Kodak holds for certain computer processes. Kodak claims that it has been working with RIM and Apple for years to resolve the issues unsuccessfully and is resorting to a suit for resolution. Kodak is seeking a limited exclusion on the importation of the infringing devices that include digital cameras along with unspecified damages.


Kodak sells OLED business to LG

Kodak has been a big name in electronics for many years now. The company was originally best known for its line of films and film-based cameras. As technology changed, the company began producing a full line of digital cameras and digital photo frames among other things.


Kodak has been making its own OLED screens for use in its electronic products for a while now. Back in March Kodak and LG teamed up and Kodak announced that its OLED screens would be used in LG products. Kodak announced recently that it would be selling its OLED screen business and all associated assets to LG

The specifics of the deal are not known at this time. Kodak reports that the move will allow it to tighten its investment focus and strengthen its financial position. Kodak will continue to have access to the OLED technology for its own products. The deal is subject to customary closing processes and is expected to close by the end of the year.

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