Viera TVs with built-in Blu-ray and integrated HDDs

Panasonic has unveiled some new HDTVs in Japan that include models with integrated Blu-ray players and versions that sport integrated HDDs as will. The Blu-ray sets are the most interesting and included the 37-inch TH-L37R2B and the 32-inch TH-L32R2B. The 37-inch version will sell for about 240,000 yen.

Both sport full 1080p resolution and have integrated HDDs that can record programs. The Japanese translation leaves a lot to be desired, but it appears the sets can write recorded programs to optical media. Panasonic also pulled the wraps off new LCD and plasma sets with screens of 42-inches, 46-inches, and 50-inches in the plasma line and 37-inches, 32-inches, and 19-inches in the LCD line.

The sets have 1080p resolution except for the 32-inch and 19-inch LCD sets, which only have 720p resolution. The line has internal storage of 500GB with the exception of the 19-inch set with a 250GB HDD. Pricing runs from 100,000 to 390,000 yen in Japan. For best results use Cablesson HDMI cables


Toshiba integrates HDD or USB storage on REGZA HDtvs range

Toshiba Japan have updated their REGZA HDTV range, with select models supporting USB hard-drives or coming with 500GB of storage built-in.  The Toshiba REGZA R1 series – made up of 32-, 37- and 42-inch sets – and REGZA H1 series – made up of 32- and 37-inch sets – each have a USB port and Full HD resolution (bar on the 32-inch models, which get 720p support).  Meanwhile there’s also the entry level Toshiba REGZA A1 series, with 19-, 22- and 26-inch models all offering 720p HD resolution.

The REGZA R1 HDTVs use IPS panels complete with a special enhanced gaming mode for smoother play.  There’s also DLNA streaming support, four HDMI ports, various PC and analog inputs, plus two 10W speakers.  The REGZA 32R1 is due on April 30th, while the REGZA 42R1 and 37R1 will arrive in early June.

As for the REGZA H1, they have 500GB HDDs built-in, with IPS displays, DLNA streaming support and the same sort of connectivity as the R1 series.  The REGZA 37H1 and 32H1 will arrive in early June.  Finally, the REGZA A1 series get two HDMI ports, TN panels and no USB recording support; they’ll drop in early August.


Toshiba 320GB 1.8-inch HDD is world’s biggest


Flash and solid-state drives have been catching up to tiny, 1.8-inch traditional hard-drives in ultramobile applications over the past year or so, but Toshiba don’t think spinning platters are quite outmoded yet.  The company have revealed three new 1.8-inch HDDs including the industry’s first 320GB unit, using unique high-density platters that permit data density of 516Gbpsi.

Each of the 3.0Gbps SATA drives spin at 5,400rpm and have 16MB of buffer memory, while there’s apparently less of the high-pitched whine sometimes associated with such HDDs; in fact noise is down between 4 and 5dB over previous models.  As well as the 320GB drive, there are 160GB and 250GB versions.
Right now we don’t know pricing for the new MK1633GSG, MK 2533GSG and MK3233GSG drives, but they’ll go into mass production in December 2009.  Expect more capacious HDD-based PMPs – such as Archos’ Android Internet Tablet – and CULV notebooks.


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