If you need a DisplayPort cable then buy this Mithra 1.5m DisplayPort Cable with Locking

DisplayPort cable is the latest generation of licence free digital connector designed primarily for connections between computer and display monitor and next generation tv. The Mithra 1.5m DisplayPort Cable with Locking connector can pass HDMI, DVI and VGA via a DisplayPort Adaptor or DisplayPort Converter. Displayport cable for transferring high-bandwidth, uncompressed digital video, multi-channel digital audio and control functions. You can view movies and photos at 1080p and higher picture clarity on your computer monitor. The DisplayPort has a smaller connector footprint compared to DVI and VGA on your desktop, unlike the HDMI Connectors the Displayport cable comes with a latch to help secure your cable for optimum connectivity. It is compliant to 40-bit, high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP). DisplayPort technology supports color depth of 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 bits per color component for maximum AV performance.

Auto Locking:
Unlike the HDMI Connectors the Displayport cable comes with a latch to help secure your cable for optimum connectivity.Future-proof yourself as DVI and VGA are slowly being phased out.

Replacement of DVI and VGA cable:
The DisplayPort has a smaller connector footprint compared to DVI and VGA on your desktop, While DVI and HDMI require separate clock signals, DisplayPort embeds the clock in the data signal.

Key Features:
  • Length: 1.5 Metres / 1.5m DisplayPort Cable
  • Connector: ABS with Snap on Connector
  • Provides both digital video and audio in one cable
  • Provides up to 1080p resolution with digital audio
  • Smaller connector footprint than either DVI or VGA
  • Supports HDCP (High-Definition Content Protection)
  • Supports colour depth of 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 bits per component


Zero data loss Cablesson HDMI M to DVI F Adapter – Black

Digital video connections that are HDMI and DVI adapters that can be used together. Sometimes equipment may have a DVI connection that needs to be converted to a HDMI type plug,in such cases Cablesson HDMI M to DVI F Adapter – Black allows for this. This HDMI adapter converts HDMI Male to DVI Female connector. A DVI to HDMI adapter is used to connect older home theater equipment with DVI connectors to newer HDTV televisions and projectors which have HDMI connectors.

Absolutely zero data loss:
Absolutely zero data loss will occur through the use of this adapter. It can be used with high specification HDMI (V.1.3 with Deep Colour) devices/cables with no risk of reduced performance.

Old Home Theater installation with new HDTV:
DVI to HDMI adapter is used to connect older home theater equipment with DVI connectors to newer HDTV televisions and projectors which have HDMI connectors.

Easy to remove/install:
This highest-quality hdmi adapters features an advanced design includes corrosion-resistant 24k gold contacts, silver-coated copper conductors and oversized for ultra-secure connection that’s easy to remove/install.





You can watch movies or run a presentation directly from your PC or Laptop

The DisplayPort to DVI Multimode Short 200mm Cable makes it easy to integrate a DisplayPort PC or Laptop and a Digital Video Monitor. You can watch movies or run a presentation directly from your PC or Laptop with DisplayPort to a monitor, projector or HDTVDisplayPort to DVI cable is designed for use with newer PCs and Laptops. Simply connect the cable to the DisplayPort of the source device and the DVI end to an external DVI monitor,HDTV or projector. The DisplayPort connector features a locking DisplayPort connector providing a secure, dependable connection to your monitor. The DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter offers superb performance and reliability. Manufactured to the latest DisplayPort specifications, this adapter is engineered using the most advanced cable technology for the highest performance and quality.  DisplayPort   is a next-generation technology that delivers high bandwidth, pure digital audio/video signals from your PC to your display. Quality-made from 28 AWG copper wire, this cable is designed to deliver sharp, crystal-clear picture and sound.  DisplayPort supports higher resolutions and the refresh rates than DVI and VGA. DisplayPort supports data transmission rates up to 10.8Gbps which is enough to transmit uncompressed audio and video signals.


  • Supports Video-Mirroring & Extended desktop modes
  • Gold plated connectors
  • PC:VGA, SVGA, VGA, SXGA , UXGA (video format)
  • HDTV: 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 1080i, and 1080p
  • DisplayPort Male to DVI-D Female connectors
  • Compliant with DisplayPort 1.1 specification for both 1.62 and 2.7Gbps
  • Compliant with DVI 1.1 specification up to 1.65Gbps
  • Sends Extended Colors up to 12-Bits per Component for Billions of Colors
  • Short 200mm Cable
  • Transfers Both Uncompressed Audio and High-Definition Video Signals


Dual-link DVI-to-Mini Displayport Adapter


Kanex, maker of audio-visual solutions for Apple computers, is excited to announce the C24DL, a full resolution dual-link digital video inverter (DVI) to 27 inch Apple LED Cinema Display (ACD). The C24DL is a simple dual-link DVI with USB to Mini DisplayPort converter designed for users with legacy Macs (2006-early 2008 MacBook Pro, 2005-mid 2007 Mac Mini) or PCs with high-end graphics cards to connect specifically to a 27 inch ACD.

The Kanex C247DL supports the native HD resolution (2560×1440) of the ACD not available with other standard DVI adapters. The innovative converter actively converts the video signal from the dual-link DVI delivering pixel perfect resolution. The included USB cable powers the C247DL, allows for audio transfer to the ACD speakers, and supports all USB 2.0 functions including use of the iSight camera.

The C247DL allows PC users to enjoy the best gaming experience possible. Users with PC’s equipped with high-end graphic cards such as AMD Radeon™ and NVIDIA™ can now enjoy playing on the exceptionally rich and life-like ACD.


The Best from your Home Theater

Ultimate red 4m hdmi cable highest speed HDMI cable (10.2 Gbps) for the sharpest picture, deepest color, and smoothest The Ultimate red 4m hdmi cable will support Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HDTM Lossles surround sound provides greater cable bandwidth for support of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD lossless surround sound, available on Blu-ray DiscTM and HD DVDTM movies. This Ultimate red 4m hdmi cable digital audio/video interface does it all, delivering uncompressed high definition video (1080p/240Hz and beyond), stunning 16-bit color, eight channels of digital audio for 7.1 surround sound and an integrated control channel—all in one cable. It’s simple, user-friendly connection is backwards-compatible with DVI, and it delivers a high-definition picture that’s five times the resolution of conventional TV for the highest quality, crispest image quality available. Monster designs the most advanced HDMI cables and certifies their performance for future generations of products. If the performance capabilities of this cable are ever exceeded by future generations of HDMI, Monster will replace this cable at no charge–see product packaging for further details. Ultimate red 4m hdmi cable is a data superhighway for digital video and audio. For the best high definition experience, use an HDMI cable that delivers all the picture and sound data your HD components require.


Mac mini HDMI imminent?

Apple’s stock of the current-generation Mac mini is apparently dwindling, leading to speculation that the long-awaited HDMI update might be almost upon us.  Apple Insider has heard from multiple sources that Mac mini availability is low, with Apple themselves giving distributors no ETA on when new stock could be expected.


The Mac mini last saw an update in October 2009, with faster processors and more internal storage.  However the much-tipped connectivity update never materialised; rumors have been circulating for some time now that Apple plan to replace the Mac mini’s DVI port with an HDMI connector.

That’s in part based on prototypes spotted using NVIDIA MCP89 chipsets – the successor to the GeForce 9400M used in the 2009 machines – passing through Apple’s verification tests. It remains to be seen when – or indeed if – the Mac mini will see its refresh, but Apple Insider reckon it’s only a matter of weeks away.


Decide Between VGA, DVI, and HDMI for Your Monitor Connection

Reader Mike ordered a new Dell system that came with a 21.5-inch LCD monitor. Although the monitor includes VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs, it included only a VGA cable–even though the setup instructions recommend a DVI or HDMI connection! Mike wants to know why, and whether he should bother buying a different cable.

I’m going to answer in reverse. First, I would indeed recommend using a different cable to connect your monitor to your PC. However, there’s no need to bother with HDMI unless you’re planning to watch Blu-ray movies (assuming your PC has both an HDMI video output and a Blu-ray drive).

Even then, DVI also supports the HDCP protocol necessary to view that kind of protected video content. HDMI is really best for connecting a PC to an HDTV.

Consequently, I’d go with a DVI cable. That’ll give you a pure digital signal (VGA is analog) and a much sharper picture at higher resolutions. Your Dell ST2210 has a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, which you can and should use.

Don’t worry, a DVI cable won’t cost you a fortune. Sites like Meritline and UKHDMI sell them for around $5-10, depending on length. (A six-footer should be adequate for most users.)

So, why do most monitors come with only a VGA cable? Probably because VGA is still the most common type of video connector worldwide, and, consequently, the mass-produced cables are cheap. Vendors could supply DVI cables as well, but then at least one would be going to waste.

There you have it, Mike. Drop a few extra bucks and treat your high-falutin’ monitor right.


What are DVI, HDMI and Component Video?

What are DVI, HDMI and Component Video?

DVI/HDMI and Component Video are all video standards which support a variety of resolutions, but which deliver the signal from the source to the display in very different ways. The principal important difference is that DVI/HDMI deliver the signal in a digital format, much the same way that a file is delivered from one computer to another along a network, while Component Video is an analog format, delivering the signal not as a bitstream, but as a set of continuously varying voltages representing (albeit indirectly, as we’ll get to in a moment) the red, green and blue components of the signal.

Both DVI/HDMI and Component Video deliver signals as discrete red, green, and blue color components, together with sync information which allows the display to determine when a new line, or a new frame, begins. The DVI/HDMI standard delivers these along three data channels in a format called T.M.D.S., which stands for “Transmission Minimized Differential Signaling.” Big words aside, the T.M.D.S. format basically involves a blue channel to which horizontal and vertical sync are added, and separate green and red channels over short and long distance it can be 0.5m to 20m ffor respactive in market serval length cable are avalible like 1m hdmi cable, 2m hdmi cable…..20m hdmi cable.

Component Video is delivered, similarly, with the color information split up three ways. However, component video uses a “color-difference” type signal, which consists of Luminance (the “Y”, or “green,” channel, representing the total brightness of the image), Red Minus Luminance (the “Pr,” or “Red,” channel), and Blue Minus Luminance (the “Pb,” or “Blue,” channel). The sync pulses for both horizontal and vertical are delivered on the Y channel. The display calculates the values of red, green and blue from the Y, Pb, and Pr signals.

Both signal types, then, are fundamentally quite similar; they break up the image in similar ways, and deliver the same type of information to the display, albeit in different forms. How they differ, as we’ll see, will depend to a great extent upon the particular characteristics of the source and display devices, and can depend upon cabling as well.


ViewSonic’s 27-inch 1080p LCD

ViewSonic’s latest LCD display has gone up for preorder, and the 27-inch monitor is apparently the world’s first Full HD display with a 1ms response time.  The ViewSonic VX2739wm is, unsurprisingly, being targeted at gamers, but it’s also multimedia-friendly with 1080p HD resolution and SRS Premium Sound stereo 2W speakers.

There’s also a 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (1,200:1 typical), 300cd/m2 brightness, a trio of inputs – HDMI, DVI and VGA – and a four port USB 2.0 hub for easy peripheral connectivity.  Finally, a VESA mount on the back makes for straightforward wall-mounting.

The ViewSonic VX2739wm is available for preorder now, priced at $349.99 with a three year warranty.  No word on when it’s expected to begin shipping, however.



ASUS’s Gamers overclocked Radeon

Details of an upcoming ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) graphics card have emerged, complete with some early photos, and it seems the company have taken an ATI Radeon HD 5870 and overclocked it.  The fettled card cranks the GPU from 850MHz to 900MHz and doubles RAM to 2GB of 4.9Gbps GDDR5 memory.  Meanwhile ASUS are apparently making it straightforward to overclock the ROG card a little more again, with up to 1080MHz possible from the GPU and 5.2Gbps from the memory.

Connectivity is DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI, and the ports share the backplate with a Safe Mode button.  Pressing this reverts the ROG HD 5870 to a stable configuration, just in case your experiments leave everything inoperable.  There are also exposed contacts for multimeter voltage monitoring and a pair of eight-pin PCI Express power connectors.

So that you don’t waste any of your system grunt running an overclocking app in the background, ASUS’ software will save the settings to the ROG card and then shut down.  According to Chinese site Zol the ASUS Republic of Gamers Radeon HD 5870 will be “available immediately”, though there’s no sign of a price tag.

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