Basic 1m High Performance DVI to HDMI cable is specially designed for connecting your computers

DVI to HDMI cable is specially designed for connecting your computers DVI output into your hi-def Plasma or LCD TV. The picture with a DVI to HDMI cable  is much more vivid and to a standard. The specification handles high-bandwidth, uncompressed video and multi-channel digital audio as well, all in one cable. These cables are HDCP compliant. You can also connect HDMI source devices such as an Xbox 360 or a PS3 to a DVI supported computer monitor or display which has a DVI-D port. So whether you are going from hdmi to DVI or DVI to HDMI doesn’t matter – either way you will be getting the very best in digital video quality.

Bi-directional cable:
Bi-directional cable. Deliver high-resolution digital video from an HDMI-equipped device to a DVI-equipped device, or vice versa. This is a high performance home theater interconnect for high-definition DVD players, HDTV receivers, TV sets, projectors, a/v receivers, and other HDMI-equipped devices. Enjoy ultra-high resolution digital video delivered through a high performance connection. The cable is bi-directional and can also by used to connect your PC Graphics Card (DVI Output) to the HDMI Port on your HDMI display. The graphics card output needs to support DVI-D digital signals. Most Nvidia and ATI graphics cards support DVI-I which can autoswitch between DVI-D (Digital) and DVI-A.

Deliver sharp, crystal-clear picture and sound:
Advanced cable design, top quality materials, and superior construction maximize the experience and leave nothing to chance. Performance-enhancing features include silver-coated oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors with nitrogen-injected dielectric, 24k gold-plated connectors with silver solder construction, and durable, protective metal connector shells.


  • Connects A/V components with HDMI to a DVI input.
  • Connects computers with DVI output to HDMI components.
  • Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric with quad-shielding for maximum signal strength.
  • Delivers Up to 1080p Digital HDTV.
  • Connectors: HDMI Male/DVI Male, Type A
  • Silver-plated pure copper conductors for maximum conductivity and bandwidth
  • Length: 1 Metre / 1m DVI to HDMI Cable