Dual-link DVI-to-Mini Displayport Adapter


Kanex, maker of audio-visual solutions for Apple computers, is excited to announce the C24DL, a full resolution dual-link digital video inverter (DVI) to 27 inch Apple LED Cinema Display (ACD). The C24DL is a simple dual-link DVI with USB to Mini DisplayPort converter designed for users with legacy Macs (2006-early 2008 MacBook Pro, 2005-mid 2007 Mac Mini) or PCs with high-end graphics cards to connect specifically to a 27 inch ACD.

The Kanex C247DL supports the native HD resolution (2560×1440) of the ACD not available with other standard DVI adapters. The innovative converter actively converts the video signal from the dual-link DVI delivering pixel perfect resolution. The included USB cable powers the C247DL, allows for audio transfer to the ACD speakers, and supports all USB 2.0 functions including use of the iSight camera.

The C247DL allows PC users to enjoy the best gaming experience possible. Users with PC’s equipped with high-end graphic cards such as AMD Radeon™ and NVIDIA™ can now enjoy playing on the exceptionally rich and life-like ACD.


Eizo Monitor does 4K resolution at 36-inches


Looking for a display that can do justice to all that 4K footage you’ve been shooting on your Red One or Arri Alexa lately? Okay, perhaps not. But if you were, then the DuraVision FDH3601 from Eizo Nanao could handle it easily with 4096 x 2160 pixels spread over 36.4-inches of LED-backlit real estate. It comes with another big number too: a price tag of ¥2.88 million ($36,000), which gently hints at the fact that this beast is primarily aimed at specialist industrial applications. Eizo claims it’s perfect for air traffic control, where staff can make full use of specs like “Digital Uniformity Correction” circuitry to compensate for uneven color or brightness, motion sensors to power the monitor on or off as needed, and a stand that can be minutely adjusted to get the perfect angle. Suddenly, despite the heavy burden of responsibility and the fact that you have to keep your phone switched off all the time, that career choice seems almost worth it.


D-Link MainStage for WiDi 2.0 – plug’n’play streaming


D-Link today announced its MainStage™ for Intel® Wireless Display (DHD-131) is now available, offering consumers an easy way to enjoy and share content from laptops[i] on an HDTV, from surfing the Web, to viewing photos, to streaming online videos.[ii] Delivering the web directly to TV screens, D-Link’s new MainStage makes the biggest screen in today’s homes the “main stage” for an array of home entertainment in 1080p HD and 5.1 digital surround sound.[iii]

“The Internet is truly indispensible in today’s homes – whether for enjoyment, work, school, or sharing family moments,” said Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of consumer marketing, D-Link North America. “MainStage lets you wirelessly project movies and TV shows from Netflix and Hulu, or personal home videos and photo slideshows, to the best screen in the home, the HDTV. If you already own a notebook with Intel Wireless Display, it’s one of the easiest ways to work and play online from your couch.”

D-Link® MainStage enables consumers to seamlessly enjoy and share PC content from an Intel® Core™ processor-based notebook on a TV. Simply plug MainStage into the TV using an HDMI or A/V cable and with a push of a button automatically connects to your router, allowing consumers to surf the web and view home movies from a home network or laptop. In addition to enjoying content at home, MainStage also offers today’s mobile professionals an easy way to send colorful and animated presentations and online content to flat-panel displays in conference rooms for a range of business presentation needs. Furthermore, while MainStage users are showing a movie or presentation on the big screen, they can simultaneously work on the notebook that is projecting to the TV.

“D-Link’s MainStage TV adapter is a great example of Intel® WiDi 2.0 in action,” said Joe Van de Water, consumer product marketing manager at Intel. “Intel WiDi 2.0 lets you wirelessly stream content from your PC to your HDTV with no cables or attachments to your PC. With Intel WiDi 2.0, you can enjoy Blu-ray movies, DVD movies, and content from Internet services like Intel Insider on your HDTV with up to 1080p HD clarity and 5.1 surround sound, and also share pictures, music, or videos.”


Introducing Cablesson Ivuna Micro HDMI Cable

Micro HDMI Cable

The HDMI 1.4 specification introduces a new HDMI Micro “Type D” connector designed for cell phones, pocket cameras, and other portable devices. Approximately the size of a Micro USB connector. Featuring a full nineteen-pin array like other HDMI connectors, the HDMI Micro Connector can handle video signals up to 1080p. This new connector is approximately 50% smaller than the size of the existing HDMI Mini Connector.

A Micro HDMI Connector (HDMI Type D) defined in the HDMI 1.4 specification, keeps the standard 19 pins of Types A (Standard HDMI Connector) and C (Mini HDMI Connector) but shrinks the connector size to something resembling a micro-USB connector. The Type D HDMI Connector is 2.8 mm × 6.4 mm, whereas the Type C connector is 2.42 mm × 10.42 mm; for comparison, a micro-USB connector is 2.94 mm × 7.8 mm and USB Type A is 11.5 mm × 4.5 mm.

The NEW Ivuna Micro HDMI “Type D” Cable can handle digital video signals up to full 1080p HD from your handheld devices such as Mobile Phones, Pocket Digital Cameras, and other portable digital devices.

The NEW Ivuna Cable is a Type A to Type D HDMI Cable. Type D is a Micro HDMI connector and version 1.4 HDMI cable. The pin configuration keeps the standard 19 pins but shrinks the connector size (approximately 50% smaller then the size of the existing HDMI Mini Connector). Designed for mobile phones, cameras, video cameras and other portable devices where connector space is limited.

The NEW Ivuna Micro HDMI “Type D” Cable, although small in size will not compromise in quality. Also capable of handling and functioning with the same power and capability of any Standard HDMI cable. The highly advanced design of this Ivuna cable incorporates a special stress relief (SR) mechanism that permits the cable to bend with minimum stress on the HDMI port when connected horizontally or vertically to your digital devices.

Compatible with:

  • Digital Cameras
  • Smart Mobile Phones
  • Digital Camcorders


  • High quality Type A to Type D HDMI cable
  • Input:  HDMI Micro “Type D”
  • Output: HDMI Standard “Type A”
  • 24K Gold-plated Connector Plug Contacts
  • Supports full 1080p HD video
  • 30AWG cable
  • Mylar Backed Foil
  • HDMI 1.4 
  • Fully HDCP compliant
  • Allows compact devices to have all the benefits of HDMI
  • Lengths Available: 0.5 – 5 Metres Micro HDMI Cable


Cablesson Swivel HDMI Adapter

Wall mounting a flat screen HDTV looks cool, but it presents certain challenges in many instances. The first is how to mount the TV securely and in a way that you can see the picture ideally. The other is how to get your HDMI and power cables ran to the TV.


The HDMI cables on the market today often have large end connectors that can be hard to connect behind TVs that are wall mounted because of the space between the wall and the TV. Cablesson has unveiled a new line of HDMI adapter that swivels to help with difficult connections.

The cool feature of the adapters is that one end of the cable has a connector that flips up and down 180-degrees making an elbow allowing for clearance in tight spaces. The adapters support HDMI 1.3 and full 1080p images along with up to 16-bit colour.  The cables will be available via UKHDMI and other retail outlets.


3D Blu-ray on the PS3: Working


We’ve been waiting for 3D Blu-ray support to hit the PS3 for a good long while now, and Sony’s been promising it would happen for, well, exactly that same amount of time. Yesterday the company confirmed that the 3D-enabling 3.50 firmware update is less than a week away, dropping on September 21, and here’s proof that it works


Inch thick 1080p display – HP

After the 2310m comes the, erm, 2310e. HP has put its 1080p-resolving 23-inch monitor on a strict training regimen and returned with this new unit that checks in at under an inch in thickness. The 2310e brings as much gloss as a humanoid can handle, even going so far as to replace the usual buttons with touch-sensitive light-up controls. Speaking of light, the jumbo HP logo on the back blossoms in a lustrous white when you turn it on. If that doesn’t curb your enthusiasm for this cake slicer, you’ll want to know it has DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, 250 nits of brightness, a 5ms response time, and an admittedly meaningless 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.



PS3 720p limitations – HDMI 1.4

There has been much talk on our forums about the Playstations 720p 3D gaming limitation. Many people have assumed that the issue is with the hardware but Sony have stated that it is actually the HDMI 1.4 standard which is the cause of the resolution limitation.


HDMI 1.4 is a standard which calls for the following restrictions – 720p 60fps, 720p 50fps, and 1080p 24fps. Sony have therefore taken the route of forcing all 3D game related content to 720p which means they can use the higher frame rates for a smoother gaming experience. Obviously this is not an ideal situation as the PC environment does allow for dual DVI configurations to achieve higher frame rates at 1080p but unfortunately this is not possible on a PS3.

The graphics hardware in the Playstation 3 is still quite capable, although its obviously looking rather outdated by PC standards so perhaps the HDMI 1.4 standard has worked in Sonys favour, especially when trying to power a modern gaming engine at high resolutions.


HD over IP – Cablesson HDelity HDMI over IP Gigabit

The Technology

Standard HDMI devices transmit video and audio using a signaling method called TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Signaling). TMDS was designed for short cable runs, like those necessary to connect a cable box to an HDTV in an entertainment center. Unfortunately, TMDS has some limitations. Very high frequencey signals like HDMI tend to “drop off” as cable runs get longer, ultimately reaching a point of failure when the destination device can no longer resolve the picture and audio data. Since differential pairs are used for each of the three colour channels and the separate clock channel, differences in individual wire lengths inside HDMI cables can cause timing errors and blank screens.

HDMI over IP technology taps into the benefits of Ethernet standards to overcome the inherent limitations of TMDS. Enabling totally reliable cable runs up to 75 metres long, easy splitting and distribution of signals, and robust signal integrity, Transmitting HDMI over IP networks redefines the possibilities for HDMI video distribution. Compliant with HDCP 2.0 specifications, this technology supports copy protection with 128-bit AES encryption and overcomes traditional key verification limitations, enabling very large system sizes while maintaining full HDCP compliance. And unlike first-generation Megabit implementations of IP technology, Cablesson HDelity HDMI over IP Gigabit infrastructure means picture quality that is virtually indistinguishable from the source, suitable for the most discerning viewer. Since the data looks like any other Ethernet traffic, a Managed Ethernet Switch can be used just the same by controlling the vLAN grouping settings on the network switch. Customers will be free and able to switch/change TVs with the receiver to acquire different video source video streaming easily. Multi-Casting groups will only be limited by the network switch, and will benefit customers that want to efficiently distribute multiple HDMI sources with High Quality Lossless 1080p video signal.

When considering Home Automation, Smart Home, Multi-room Audio and Home Cinema, foremost in most peoples mind is the cost. Answering that question is very difficult as there are so many factors that influence cost, not least the size of the house and the number of rooms served. HDMI over IP has unlimited applications and it is easily integrated with different control systems. Despite having all the spectacular features you will be surprised when you check out its prices which are highly affordable. When you compare a HDMI Matrix switch with all of the devices needed to distribute the signal throughout the home, the HDMI over IP solution generally comes out as better value. Not to mention the frustration of wondering if the long HDMI cables or the finicky Baluns will work with the necessary cable distances. The HDMI over IP solution can extend a HDMI source much further than Baluns, and it is always reliable and consistent.
In our digital world, everyday we make new advancements in digital video compression making the audio and video signals to be carried over the typical network circuits such as the Internet, LAN and WAN. Any HDMI source can simultaneously be displayed on any number of display devices (if multiple displays are permitted by the HDMI source) using VLAN isolation on a Managed Ethernet Switch. The point to point or point to many projector enables you to send out an HDMI 1.3 signals to many LCD panels or one or more than one HDMI video projectors and return the source an IR control signal using cat 5/ cat 6/ or cat7 over a standard Ethernet infrastructure. HDMI over IP is used to distribute the high definition digital signals to hundred or more remote displays.
By using Cablesson HDelity HDMI over IP to distribute the high definition digital signals to one or hundred or more remote displays. The best part is that it maintains excellent quality of picture as well as sounds. These high speed connectors provide greater reliability and durability for a longer period of time. The functionality of an HDMI over IP is simple to understand. It simply encodes the digital data stream which is broadcasted. Afterwards it sends IP data packets and receives signals decoding them on 1080p. A usual HDMI over IP kit consists of a receiver and a transmitter. Each of such devices is allotted a specific IP address. You can get additional receivers for extra sum of money to distribute to additional displays.


Cablesson All purpose Mini HDMI cables for Digital Cameras and HD Camcorders

The Ivuna range of Mini-HDMI cables is the latest addition to the high end series of Cablesson products. The highly advanced design of this cable incorporates a special stress relief (SR) mechanism that permits the cable to bend with minimum stress on the HDMI port when connected horizontally or vertically. 


Ivuna mini hdmi cable allows you the luxury of seeing and hearing every detail without any compromise. It delivers uncompressed 1080p/120 Hz high definition video with 12-bit deep colour, eight channels of 192/24 digital audio for ultimate 7.1 surround sound, and an integrated control channel – all in one cable. It also eliminates digital-to-analog conversion between your video sources and display for the most accurate high definition picture.

 This brand new series is structured to the highest standard with exclusive technology and construction for precise, high bandwidth signal transfer. Heavy gauge, multi stranded copper conductors maximize digital signal transfer for precision 1080p video reproduction with deep, extended colour. Its silver plated pure copper conductors ensure maximum conductivity and bandwidth. An advanced nitrogen gas injected di-electric with quad layer shielding corrects impedance variances to deliver maximum signal strength as well as improves accuracy while delivering the most enjoyable home theater experience.
We are so confident with our products that we are offering a 10 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.
Cablesson® Mini-HDMI cables are produced to provide pure digital signals without distortion or loss in signal. They are made with Mylar foil to provide the best insulation possible. Don’t settle for less when selecting your HDMI cables.
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