Xbox at E3 2014: an interview with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

Yesterday wasn’t the first time Phil Spencer took an E3 stage for Microsoft to talk Xbox, but it was his first time as the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division. After taking over for Marc Whitten back in March , Spencer’s been on a charm offensive. His focus was clear at yesterday’s show: games, all games. Forget about last year’s coming out for Xbox One as an “entertainment” platform — yesterday’s focus was all games, all the time. The 90-minute show was divided cleanly in half between games coming this year and games arriving in 2015 and beyond. It was, in short, an impressive display of the Xbox One’s gaming prowess over anything else. “I want the content to be the star,” Spencer told us.

So, that aside, we wanted him to give us more on the other stuff that the Xbox One does: media streaming, voice control, Windows 8 and television. And hey, what’s Microsoft doing to compete with Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset, not to mention the Oculus Rift?

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