Cablesson® Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter

The Cablesson 1080p rated Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter is designed for the iMac (Intel Core Duo) and the 12-inch PowerBook G4 plus other devices with a Mini-DVI output allowing you to connect to an external HDMI monitor with an HDMI input.  You won’t lose any quality using this Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter as it is one of the few that is 1080p rated. The signal is kept digital and when connecting the Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter to a HD LCD TV the picture will look fantastic. This is the great solution for using your HDTV to watch movies directly on your TV from your Apple MacBook or iMac Computer. This high performance HD product is a Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter which allows you to hook up any MINI-DVI enabled source device ( eg: Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro / 12″ Powerbook G4 / iMac with Mini DVI port ) to any HDMI enabled display device (eg: HDTV / HDMI Display / HDMI AV Amp) to transfer Full HD Video. This Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter will allow you to use HDMI cables with the Mini-DVI port found on some laptop computers. For connecting any HDMI equiped display including most HDTV’s, projectors and digital monitors. The Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter is really simple to use. Connect one end up to your MacBook/MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and the other to your device for clear viewing of all your photos, films, videos and more.

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