The Cablesson HDMI Wall Plate is made to fit into standard wall mount holes, similar to an AC outlet

The Cablesson HDMI Wall Plate is made to fit into standard wall mount holes, similar to an AC outlet or light HDMI Switch. Their practical design makes these wall plates an ideal solution for HDMI Cable extensions for home or business location. These Cablesson HDMI Wall Plate are the perfect means for HDMI ports to remotely access HD displays or media sources, eliminating messy unsightly cables hanging out of gaping holes in the wall. The use of aCablesson HDMI Wall Plate allows you to easily route HDMI connections, by installing your HDMI Cable in your walls and using a wall plate to connect to.

Right Angle features a 90 degree right Angle Connector on the rear, it is perfect for those installations where the available space within the wall is quite limited. This Cablesson HDMI Wall Plate will accept a standard Cablesson HDMI Wall Plate to be plugged in both at the front and at the rear.Wall Plate can be used to Home Theater with series of VGA over Cat5 extenders, allowing to make out-of-the-way connections from a VGA video source to a remote VGA monitor.

The receiver Cablesson HDMI Wall Plate can be placed in a wall or ceiling gang for a cleaner, more professional VGA installation, supporting a connection distance up to a maximum of 300m (950ft) from the transmitter unit (not included).It is Silver Steel Finish Double Socket, provides with a very professional and easy to use twin HDMI socket for HD ready equipment. With a twin female hdmi sockets on the rear of the wall plate, installation is made very easy too.


  • Standard Chrome
  • Single HDMI Wall Plate with Right Angle Connector and HDMI locking
  • Fits onto UK standard electrical back boxes
  • Simple Plug-in connection at rear of plate making installation quick and requiring no soldering
  • 19 pin HDMI connectors with Gold plated sockets
  • Compatible with all standard HDMI Cable
  • Supplied with 85mm frame
  • Suitable for both dry and solid walls
  • HDMI v1.4 compatible (High Speed with Ethernet)

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