Looking for a pair of MERLIN 8” DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME headphones with great sound

Looking for a pair of MERLIN 8” DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME headphones with great sound,Then look no further than the PHOTO FRAME These headphones let you enjoy your favourite music in a truly portable, cordless way. Their sealed, ear-cup design helps block outside noise while their Bluetooth 2.1 wireless transmission frees you from the tangles of cables. For an optimised MERLIN 8” DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME transmission performance, it is recommended to pair these headphones with a Sennheiser Bluetooth dongle (sold separately). Otherwise, it is also possible to listen using an audio cable (included in package).

The open back Grado SR60i of MERLIN 8” DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME headphone has achieved ‘Legend’ status and is recognised around the world as a clear improvement on its predecessor, the multi-award winning SR60. The SR60i has an upgraded driver design, and Grado have enlarged and improved the mass distribution in the plastic housing. This improves air movement within the housing, making it less affected by resonances and transient distortions.

The new Merlin stylish and elegant MERLIN 8” DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME combines a brilliant 8-inch LCD display and a long list of features including the built-in card reader that accepts MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick and xD-Picture Card.You can view photos right from the card or download them to the bundled 2GB SD CARD that can bold over 4000 images or more.


  • TFT LCD with high resolution (800×600)
  • Transition effects: rotate, scale and filter & BG
  • Built-in speaker & MP3 play mode
  • Supports video in MJPEG/MPEG1/2/4/DivX & Xvid format
  • Supports SD/SDHC/MMC cards and USB Flash Drive

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