HDMI to DVI Adapters is a great piece of kit which allows me to hook my PS3 up to my PC monitor

HDMI to DVI Adapters are commonly used to connect a PC to a HD Ready/Full HD Compliant TV. HDMI to DVI Adapters is ideal for connecting two shorter cables up to 20m total run, whereas the repeater boosts the HDMI signal up to an additional 20m without loss of signal quality. HDMI Certified. 24ct hard gold plating. Connect your DVI connectable device to a HDM connection. The HDMI to DVI Adapters (Dual-Link) is actually over-specced, allowing it to easily transmit the highest resolutions of video. Dual-link provides the convenience of backward-compatibility with AV. HDMI to DVI Adapters is 24K gold connectors for maximum corrosion resistance DVI (male) input to HDMI (female) connector Dimensions (W: 42mm H: 43mm D: 15mm) Zero data loss Superior professional robust build-quality & durable construction Zinc alloy metal construction Version 1.3 device/cable support Full 1080p resolutions supported (inc 24fps) HDMI to DVI Adapters works with… DVI Cables HDMI Cables Playstation 3 (PS3) & Xbox 360 Laptops & PCs Sky HD, Virgin+ & Freesat HDTVs and Projectors Use our adapter to change your HDMI cable connector into a DVI connector! Similarly you can also turn the DVI input on your HDTV into a HDMI input. Please note however that DVI connections are not capable of carrying an audio signal.

Product Features

  • 24k Gold-plated contacts prevents corrosion for life-long optimum signal-transfer
  • 99.96% OFC Conductor for High-Speed digital performance
  • Triple shielding for maximum RFI protection to ensure ultimate picture stability
  • HDMI certified connector design for maximum shielding and optimum performance
  • Internal silver-soldering provides excellent signal transmission
  • Superior uncompressed digital video signal for ultimate picture quality

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