Cablesson HDMI F to DVI M Adapter – Black a excellent cable. I use it to connected my monitor to my xbox 360 with fantastic results.

Cablesson HDMI F to DVI M Adapter – Black is the uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface supported by the consumer electronics industry. Cablesson HDMI F to DVI M Adapter – Black can transmit digital mutli-channel audio as well as standard and high definition video formats utilising a single cable. Cablesson HDMI F to DVI M Adapter – Black is very similiar to HDMI without the audio signal being transmitted. Like HDMI, DVI supports both standard and high-definition video signals. Both DVI and HDMI are fully backwards compatible.  Allows the use of Cablesson HDMI F to DVI M Adapter – Black components with an HDMI cable and easily adds new digital video sources to your system. No data or signal loss. Provides 100% compatible digital signal between devices with no signal degradation. Perfect for use with satellite receivers/set-top boxes; LCD/DLP/Plasma HTDVs; DVD.

High Performance Connection Between Male DVI components and Female HDMI Cables Made Easy:
Cablesson HDMI F to DVI M Adapter – Black makes it easy to enjoy the ultra-high definition video HDMI delivers (including 1080p video from HDMI-capable sources with HDMI cable, like Blu-ray Disc™/HD DVD™ players and PlayStation® 3) to existing DVI-capable displays and components

Absolutely zero data loss:
Absolutely zero data loss will occur through the use of this adapter. It can be used with high specification HDMI (V.1.3 with Deep Colour) devices/cables with no risk of reduced performance.


  • Cablesson HDMI F to DVI M Adapter – Black
  • 24K hard gold-plated connectors
  • Supports version 1.3b
  • Colour: Black
  • Allows a DVI lead to be converted to a HDMI connection
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Zero data loss
  • Full 1080p resolutions supported (inc 24fps)

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