2 x 6 mm /3m Speaker Cable is ideal for rehearsal and recording studio applications.

Van Damme now use a higher purity oxygen free copper for the conductors – Ultra Pure Oxygen Free Copper (UPOFC). The use of 2 x 6 mm /3m Speaker Cable material further improves the solderability and conductivity of the conductor resulting in faithful and transparent signal reproduction. Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade 2 x 6 mm /3m Speaker Cable industry standard Van Damme range of blue series 2 core speaker cables has now been comprehensively upgraded. 2 x 6 mm /3m Speaker Cable now feature finer stranded conductors and utilise the latest PVC composite jacket materials to provide the highest level of flexibility married with totally efficient signal transmission. This range of 2 x 6 mm /3m Speaker Cable is ideal for rehearsal and recording studio applications, but is equally at home in the live audio and presentation arena. The range is intelligently sized-for example the 2 x 2.5mm type has a specially engineered low overall diameter to enable an easy fit in XLR connectors, and the new 2 x 6 mm /3m Speaker Cable type is ideally suited to long runs of low impedance speaker signals in installations.

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