Ultimate red 4m hdmi cable is Good build quality when compared to the other HDMI cables

Ultimate red 4m hdmi cable are the new range of high quality multimedia cables that are designed to work with the new generation of plasma, HDTV and LCD high definition products.  HDMI is the only cable interface in consumer electronics that can carry uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio in all high definition formats. If you want a dazzling display, our cables are perfect. This Ultimate red 4m hdmi cable also features gold plated connectors and AWG high quality pure copper wrapped in PVC insulation – to give superior digital high definition signals which simply means that it gives viewers the best picture quality on any available format. Ultra-high performance HD cable with a certified cable bandwidth of 10.2Gbps. With this high of a throughput, this HDMI cable will support the most advanced of devices available currently. 3D is the latest rage for both home theater and gaming. A High Speed HDMI Cable is capable of handling the high bandwidth requirements of 3D signals. They are perfect for use with all devices such as projectors, lcd / plasma’s, blu-ray players, PlayStation 3 and anything else you can throw at them. Like all our Hdmi Cables they support full 1080p resolutions and all the hi definition audio formats. The Deep Color feature provides a minimum of 8-bits per color element (24-bits total), providing for a total of over 16 million color variations. Other versions of Deep Color allow for up to 16-bits per element, for a total of 48-bits and over 281 trillion color variations, which really makes your video images come to life!.  Ultimate red 4m hdmi cable Ultra HD resolution is supported up to 4k2k delivering astonishing frame rates with zero signal loss and displays the vibrant colours and solid blacks that your HDTV is capable of without the digital artifacts or ‘sparkles’ introduced as a result of low quality cable design with higher.

Product Features:

  •  HDMI Cable – 4m hdmi cable
  •  Connection Type: 19Pin Male to 19Pin Male (HDMI to HDMI)
  •  Gold Plated with cup
  •  1080p quality cables
  •  Gold Plated (24k)
  •  Shielding: Standard 30AWG & 28AWG HDMI cable
  •  High Speed with Ethernet and 3D ready (Catergory 2), Deep Colour and high frame rates.
  •  HDMI cable V1.4, with ethernet
  •  Full Retail Tag

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