The Clear Choice for All Your Composite Video Connections

The 5m Composite AV Cable 1 Coaxial Video Cable and 2 Dual RCA Audio Cable on each end. The 5m Composite AV Cable Gold Plated with super shielded cable. Excellent Quality. One video coaxial cable RG-59/U and two audio coaxial cable RG-59/U for left and right audio channels. Colour coded and labeled for easy connection. Low-loss shielded VCR dubbing cables. Suitable for DSS satellite installations. Fully molded construction – black PVC jacket. Gold plated RCA plugs for better conductivity. The 5m Composite AV Cable high quality video phono lead is just the job for TV, VHS DVD and Video Camera’s requiring standard RCA Male fitting to Male fitting.The cable is approx 5m (16’4″) long – which should be long enough to connect without any hassle! This is a very good quality HDMI Cable, at an exceptional price. This cable is the most universally support AV connection standard, providing good quality analog Audio & Video signals. The 5m Composite AV Cable is the most common Video connection interface, frequently used for TVs, DVD Players, TV-Out compatible computers and almost every game console. This HDMI Cable is the most universally support AV connection standard. This Composite AV Cable provides composite video & audio output for viewing on a TV / Monitor for your Sony PS2, PS3 systems.

Video Cable for High Quality Picture from TVs, DVD Players, Cable/Satellite Receivers, Camcorders:
Silver-plated oxygen-free copper (OFC) twisted-pair conductors and a nitrogen-foamed PE dielectric are purposely designed to deliver delicate audio/video signals with perfect fidelity regardless of the cable length! The precision 75 Ohm video coaxial cable passes video signals with ultimate stability.

The Clear Choice for All Your Composite Video Connections:
A superior audio/video interconnect for videophiles who demand maximum performance and flawless fidelity to the original signal.

Key Feature:

  • Provide composite video & audio output for viewing on a TV or monitor
  • Compatible with Sony PS2, PS3, PS3 Slim systems
  • Third party product, not made by Sony
  • Length: 5m Composite AV Cable
  • Colour: black
  • Delivers superb clarity, definition and detail
  • 24K Gold Plated connectors for maximum signal integrity, long term performance and reliability
  • Shielded cable uses the highest quality oxygen free copper for perfect image and sound reproduction
  • Connectors: 3 x Male to 3 x Male

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