The Cablesson HDelity HDMI 3D Dual Cat5/6 HDMI Extender over Dual Cat.X with Bi-directional IR

The Cablesson HDelity HDMI 3D Dual Cat5/6 HDMI Extender over Dual Cat.X with Bi-directional IR & Single Power source boosts your audio/video transmission distance up to 60m (200ft) in HDTV 1080i format, 40m (130ft) in HDTV 1080p format, and 20m (65ft) in HDTV 1080p with 36 bit color depth. With two cost effective solid Cat-5/5e/6 UTP/STP cable, users can readily extend HDTV sources from DVD players, Blu-ray Disc player, PS3, PC, and any other kinds of sources compliant with TMDS to distant display monitors including HDMI or DVI enabled TV sets or LCD PC monitors.

The Cablesson HDelity HDMI 3D Dual Cat5/6 also features with embedded IR input and output on both Transmitting and Receiving units so users can control the source device or HDMI display at romote site via IR remote in di-directional IR pass-through. The EP-10S includes two units: Transmitting unit and Receiving unit. The Transmitting unit sends the HDMI or DVI signals received from the source device and receives IR signals from the Receiving unit or sends the received IR signal from the Transmitting unit via two low cost Cat-5/5e/6 HDMI Cables.

The Receiving unit is responsible for equalizing the audio/video data received from the Cablesson HDelity HDMI 3D Dual Cat5/6 Transmitting unit and sends the IR signals received from the IR Receiving to the Transmitting unit or receives IR signals from the Transmitting unit . The transmission distance between the audio/video source and the display can be up to 60m (200ft) at HD resolution (720p/1080i), or 40m (130ft) at Full HD resolution (1080p). With 8-level digital signal equalization control on the Receiving unit, users can adjust the signal level equalization scale to the received audio/video signals, and therefore optimize the transmission distance between source and display.


  • Extends the transmission range : 50m (130ft) at full 1080p or 1920×1200 and 60m (200ft) at 1080i/720p
  • Supports all latest DTS-master Audio formats such as Dolby True HD.
  • 3D Compatible (all 7 formats), including the most popular.
  • Frame Packing, Side-by-Side.
  • Supports Bi-Directional IR pass-through up to 60Khz, allows users not only send IR signals from remote location but also to remote location from a control system.
  • Great for Control4 or RTI installers.
  • Supports VESA DDC and Hot-Plug Detect (HPD)
  • HDCP compatible
  • DVI 1.0 compliant, user will need to use HDMI to DVI Adapters

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