Mithra 5m DisplayPort Cable with Locking is the latest generation of licence free digital connector

Mithra 5m DisplayPort Cable with Locking is the latest generation of licence free digital connector designed primarily for connections between computer and display monitor and next generation tv. Our Mithra 5m DisplayPort Cable with Locking are perfect for the next generation of computers and displays. The Display Port cable connector can pass HDMI, DVI and VGA via a Display Port cable Adapter or Display Port Converter. The  5m DisplayPort Cable has a smaller connector footprint compared to DVI and VGA on your desktop, unlike the HDMI Connectors the Display Port cable comes with a latch to help secure your cable for optimum connectivity.Future-proof yourself as DVI and VGA are slowly being phased out. The high quality cables are HD 1080p compatible and benefit from advanced design and construction to ensure superb signals and corrosion resistance.

Key Features

  • Length: 5m DisplayPort Cable
  • Connector: ABS with Snap on Connector
  • Provides both digital video and audio in one cable
  • Provides up to 1080p resolution with digital audio
  • Smaller connector footprint than either DVI or VGA
  • Supports HDCP (High-Definition Content Protection)
  • Supports colour depth of 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 bits per component

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