Cablesson 2m Composite AV Cable Excellent quality cable

The Cablesson 2m Composite AV Cable allows you to connect a DVD player of gaming console to a TV. Provides audio and video solution in one cable. To use this 2m Composite AV Cable, your display must be a high definition display. The 2m Composite AV Cable doesn’t contain the chip to convert digital signals to analog signals, it only work with devices that can already convert digital signals to analog signals. This type of Composite AV cable, depending on your connection between reliable audio / video components. This copper conductor provides high accuracy with minimal resistance signal transmission. Nickel-plated connectors establish a clean contact between a reliable connection cables and connectors. Digital Coaxial Cable used for dolby Digital and DTS sound. Perfect for connecting DVD Player etc to Amplifier/Hi-fi Transfers the Digital Audio Signal Also referred to as Spdif Connections

Technical Details

  • Provides an audio and video solution in one cable
  • Double-shielding provides isolation from interference
  • Premium Quality Gold plated Composite AV cable
  • Composite cable for standard TV output.
  • AV Cable Type: Audio/Video Cable
  • Length: 2 Meter

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