0.5m High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet has a Swivel and Rotating connectors.

Cablesson Ivuna Flex High Speed Plus 0.5m HDMI Cable with Ethernet has a Swivel and Rotating connectors. This new sleek design comes fitted with 2 Swivelling and Rotating End Connectors so no more worrying about fitting your cable into narrow or tight spaces. Look no further for a Swivel and Rotating HDMI Cable of the highest quality and reasonably priced. The 0.5m HDMI Cable with Ethernet Swivel and Rotating represents excellent value for money. Cablesson Ivuna Flex Plus 0.5m HDMI Cable with Ethernet with 180 degree Swivel and 90 degree Rotationg Connectors is ideal and essential for tight fitting spaces. 0.5m HDMI Cable is great for LCD/Plasma screens that have little space at the backside; for example when placed close to or hang on a wall. 0.5m HDMI Cable provides both High Definition video and multi-channel audio connection between digital High Definition displays and digital AV sources such as Blu-ray DVD players and reduces the stress on your cables and the risk of disconnection.




  • Length: 0.5m HDMI Cable
  • Swivel & Rotate End Connectors
  • Gender Type: Male/Male
  • High Speed HDMI 1.4v Ethernet
  • Supported Resolutions upto 4K x 2K
  • Connector Type: HDMI to HDMI

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