Ikuna 1.5m HDMI Cable is nice and cheap and do what I require to connect X box Media Box and DVD

The NEW v1.4 Ikuna 1.5m HDMI Cable na Advanced High Speed range of HDMI cables is the latest addition to the high end series of Cablesson products. The Profile HDMI cable is a compact cable and will be well suited to use when mounting TV screens on ultra-thin tv wall brackets or when space behind the television is tight. Ikuna 1.5m HDMI Cable highly advanced design of this cable incorporates a special stress relief (SR) mechanism that permits the HDMI Cable to bend with minimum stress on the HDMI port when connected horizontally or vertically.  Ikuna 1.5m HDMI Cable are commonly used to connect a Sky HD, Blu-ray and HD DVD Player to a HD Ready or Full HD Compliant TV.  A re-engineered profile allows the Ikuna to fit into tight conduits, while our signature grip has been added for quick and easy insertion and release. The nylon braiding gives it a snake skin-like look, adding to the aesthetic appeal of our product. HDMI connects digital audio/video sources such as set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players, personal computers (PCs), video game consoles, and AV receivers to compatible digital audio devices, computer monitors, and digital televisions. HDMI Cable Sharpview range of HDMI and digital cables produce perfect pictures at discount prices. All cables are RoHS and CE compliant. This  Ikuna 1.5m HDMI Cable provides an efficient and reliable link between your audiovisual devices. Enables your HDTV to reproduce the rich, natural and life like colours captured on a digital still camera.  Ikuna 1.5m HDMI Cable have used the finest materials and highest levels of manufacturing precision to develop their outstanding range of HDMI 3D specification cables designed to maximize your audio and video experience. This high grade gold plated HDMI cable gives both crisp sound and sharp high definition images on your High Definition TV and is rated to 1440P. It complies with new features incorporated in the last HDMI specification version 1.4, such as HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), Audio Return Channel (ARC), Full HD 3D and 4k x 2k resolution. For cutting-edge digital formats like Full HD 3D and 4k x 2k, even minor noise emissions from a cable can affect picture/sound quality via their highly integrated circuits. To correct this, the new CHEM15 has added a steel noise shield to its existing triple layers of shielded cable line, seamlessly covering cable ends and blocking noise leakage.

  • Length: 1.5m HDMI Cable
  • Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric with quad-shielding for maximum signal strength.
  • Delivers Up to 4k 2k resolution.
  • AWG: 28AWG
  • Male to Male Connection
  • 24K Gold-plated Connector Plug Contacts
  • Mylar Backed Foil
  • 3D Ready with Ethernet and Audio Channel
  • Speed: High-Speed with Ethernet (Cat 2)
  • HDMI 1.4 – Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, 3D over HDMI , upto 4k x 2k Resolution Supported and Expanded Support For Colour Spaces.

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