Speaker cables are the final piece of the jigsaw

Speaker cables are the final piece of the jigsaw when it comes to hi-fi and home entertainment set-ups. Speaker cables can make or break a system. We have chosen some of the best speaker cables around, to suit all budgets. Please note, unless otherwise stated, all speaker cables are sold unterminated, and by the metre. The new cable successfully introduces is high end ‘X-Tube’ technology into a mid-priced product for the first time. The precise cylindrical construction of the silver-plated, 99.999% pure, oxygen free copper cables reduces the distortion caused by ‘skin effect’. The result is a completely neutral speaker cable that allows good hi-fi and home cinema equipment to shine. Speaker Cable Huge Range of Hi Fi Audio Cables, Speaker cables, audio cable  and Home Cinema Cables available.  A very high quality Oxygen Free Copper Speaker cables, ideal for use in home cinema and hi-fi systems as well as car audio systems. The Speaker cables features a very flexible PVC jacket for easy installation. The cable is constructed using extra soft, low contamination PVC and 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) to ensure high precision transmission and a very long operating life. The cores are laid side by side in a figure of 8 construction and are insulated using a transparent PVC sheath. High quality speaker cables for high power applications. Two 2.5mm² pure copper conductors ensure low d.c. resistance, optimum power transfer and high durability. Terminated at one end with a high quality latching speaker connector and at the other end with a durable 6.3mm jack. Essential for high SPL sound reinforcement and heavy sub-bass applications.


  • Wide range of conductor sizes for various low impedance applications
  • Ultra pure oxygen free copper conductors for high efficiency signal transmission
  • Special composite jacket material for excellent flexibility


  • All conductors use Ultra pure oxygen free copper and are insulated with PVC (red and blue)Red is taken to be positive, blue negative
  •   Overall jacket colour: Sapphire Blue RAL 5003
  •  Overall Diameter: 5.6mm
  •  Working Voltage: 300V/500V
  •  Test Voltage: 2000V DC for 1 minute

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