Outstanding High Quality HDMI cable with the features required to ensure the best signal transmission possible.

The NEW v1.4 Ikuna Advanced High Speed range of 7m HDMI cables is the latest addition to the high end series of Cablesson products. The highly advanced design of this 7m HDMI cables incorporates a special stress relief (SR) mechanism that permits the cable to bend with minimum stress on the HDMI port when connected horizontally or vertically. Ikuna 7m HDMI cables Best Quality the very latest HDMI Cables and High Speed with Ethernet and auto return channel suitable for use with Home Theater devices, Plasma & LCD TV,  2D and 3D, DVD players, Xbox, Set Top Boxes, Blu Ray, Projectors, Receiver Amplifier etc. etc. The HDMI 1.4 specification adds a data channel to the HDMI connection, enabling high-speed, bi-directional communication. Connected devices that include this feature can send and receive data via 100 Mb/sec Ethernet, making them instantly ready for any IP-based application. Ikuna7m HDMI cables are gold plated for increased connectivity and maximum signal transfer. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) was developed as a high-performance digital interconnect standard specifically designed for high-def video and audio applications. It provides extremely high-bandwidth capabilities that can deliver the best information available on a single wire, reducing the number of wires needed and dramatically simplifying installation complexity. This is a Ikuna 7m HDMI cables with High Speed capability and Ethernet for a future-ready specification.One of the best selling HDMI cables on the market.  Can broadcast quality video, digital audio and inter-component control signers, in one compact, high performance connection. Also supports uncompressed audio/video signals.


  • A premium quality  HDMI to HDMI cable is suitable for use in HDTV, Home Theater,  DVD player,  projector, PS3, Xbox360 and other HDMI devices
  • 24k gold-plated connector resists corrosion and ensures an optimum connection for  maximum signal transfer
  • High pure Oxygen Free Copper conductor for maximum conductivity and reliability
  • High density triple shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI
  • Compatible with multiple audio formats from stereo to multichannel sound.
  • Transfer Digital Audio & Video signals at warp speed of 10.2 Gigabytes per second
  • 7m HDMI cables

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