Cablesson Kaiser 5m High Speed HDMI with Ethernet allow HDMI-enabled devices to share content between devices.

Our 5m HDMI Cable is a quality Longer than normal HD (High Defintion) Cable for connecting your HD Ready Equipment to your LCD or Plasma TV. 5m HDMI Cable precisely engineered construction features a die-cast metal headshell with 24K gold connector contacts. Highest-grade 26 AWG oxygen-free, triple-layered aluminised Mylar foil shielded raw HDMI cabling is used for excellent rejection of potential electro magnetic (EMI) and radio frequency (RF) noise or interference. Enables your Blu-Ray, HD DVD, Home Cinema Receivers, HD Projectors, HD Satellite and HD Ready Digital TV Boxes and much more to get the best in High Definition Audio Video to your HD LCD or HD Plasma TV. 5m HDMI Cable exceed standard HDMI cable manufacturing guidlines. HDMI cables are the only way to experience true high definition images via your HD enabled device (e.g. Blu-ray player). Suitable for all high definition TV’s including 1080p. Extra strong gold connectors. High speed data transfer. AWG refers to the thickness of the copper in a cable, the lower this number the MORE copper content, cables with a  AWG rating of 24 are of a higher quality than that of a cable that is 30 AWG. Connects 2 devices with HDMI interfaces For easy connection of video game consoles, Blu-ray Disc players, PCs, computer monitors, HDTVs and more. They are essential for HD TV, 3D, LED and Gaming consoles like XBOX 360 and PS3 so take advantage of these graphics by buying a HDMI cable. HDMI Ethernet Channel: Adds high-speed networking to an HDMI link‚ allowing users to take full advantage of their IP-enabled devices without a separate Ethernet cable. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) enables a single cable to deliver both high definition video and multi-channel digital audio via an all-digital connection between your devices.

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