Cablesson® Ivuna 2 metres / 2m optical cable is specifically designed to give you an undistorted and clear performance

The new Cablesson® Ivuna 2 metres / 2m optical cable is specifically designed to give you a dynamic,  smooth, undistorted and clear performance for all your digital sound needs. The sound quality of all the channels  are dependent on theCablesson® Ivuna Optical Cable to deliver  smooth, clear,  undistorted  and dynamic performance, while the plug’s brass ferrule provides ideal light transmission and the highest quality sound. Ivuna 2m Optical Cable is designed specifically for today’s hi-performance home entertainment products.

TosLink™ and EIA-J are  compatible and delivers highly accurate digital information. The plug’s brass ferrule provides the highest quality sound and ideal light transmission.  Cablesson® Ivuna 2 metres / 2m optical cable reveal nuances that make articulate, reference quality audio sound even better!.  Cablesson® Ivuna 2 metres / 2m optical cable  designed for home theatre and professional AV installations. Ivuna 2m Optical Cable length is 2 Metre / 2m Optical Cable.






  • Jacket: Black/Clear
  • Termination: Brass Ferrule
  • Cable length is of  2 Metre / 2m Optical Cable
  • Dielectric: PVC
  • Toslink to Toslink Digital Optical is designed for home theatre and professional AV installations
  • Conductor: Finely Polished, Low-Distortion, Synthetic Polymer Fiber
  • It is compatible with all optical SPDIF equipped devices which use the TosLink / optical SPDIF interface
  • SKY, SKY+, PS3, BLU-RAY compatible and all products with the Toslink/ Optical connection
  • Toslink to Toslink Digital Optical
  • Great for installers wanting a quality Digital cable.

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