9m HDMI Cable for your new 3D TV’s

9m HDMI Cable is HD ZONE’s  Range cables utilize v 1.4a with Ethernet is an Advanced High Speed HDMI technology for high bandwidth and speeds of up to 15.2 Gbps perfect for Full High Definition movies and the ultimate home theater or gaming experience. 9m HDMI Cable also enables an all-digital connection between digital source devices, such as DVD players, DVD recorders, digital set-top boxes and AV receivers. HDMI is a new digital interface that was specifically created for use on consumer AV products. This is a 9m HDMI Cable suitable for use in most HDMI applications including between a TV and a PS3 / Bluray / HDTV / Xbox / AV receiver / upscaling DVD player. Also suitable for connecting between devices, such as from a Bluray player to an AV receiver. Your HD components can be neatly and precisely connected with this 9m HDMI Cable. Support HDMI version V1.3B 1080p Interfaces between any HDMI-enabled audio/visual source molded ends and inner hood soldered 360 degrees to the connector for complete end to end sheilding PVC insulation, prevents distortion arising from exterior sources Double sheilding for maximum video performance . HDMI cable design of our high-end cables, which utilize sixteen signal conductors instead of twelve conductors found in conventional HDMI cables. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) enables a single cable to deliver both high definition video and multi-channel digital audio via an all-digital connection between your devices. 9m HDMI Cable also features an HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) for network streaming and internet connection sharing, plus an Audio Return Channel (ARC) for return audio from your TV to your AV receiver without the need for an extra optical cable.


  • Length: 9m HDMI Cable
  • Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric with quad-shielding for maximum signal strength.
  • Delivers Up to 4k 2k resolution.
  • AWG: 28AWG
  • Male to Male Connection
  • 24K Gold-plated Connector Plug Contacts
  • Mylar Backed Foil
  • 3D Ready with Ethernet and Audio Channel
  • Speed: High-Speed with Ethernet (Cat 2)
  • HDMI 1.4 – Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, 3D over HDMI ,upto 4k x 2k Resolution Supported and Expanded Support For Colour Spaces.

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