XO II Platinum 5 Metres PS3 HDMI Cable allows you the luxury of seeing and hearing every detail without any compromise

XO II Platinum 5 Metres PS3 HDMI Cable allows you the luxury of seeing and hearing every detail without any compromise. It delivers uncompressed 1080p/120 Hz high definition video with 12-bit deep color, eight channels of 192/24 digital audio for ultimate 7.1 surround sound, and an integrated control channel – all in one cable. True signal HDMI extension cable for transferring high-bandwidth, uncompressed digital video, multi-channel digital audio and control functions.  It also eliminates digital-to-analog conversion between your video sources and display for the most accurate high definition picture. Compatible with HDTV and HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) -  the content scrambling standard for modern, advanced digital video displays and DVD players. HDMI cables are the new range of high quality multimedia cables that are designed to work with the new generation of plasma, HDTV and LCD high definition products. HDMI Cable is a multi channel audio as well as video cable which provide a single link cable set to replace multiple cables used for existing audio video links. The ps3 hdmi cable is suitable for all devices with an HDMI socket(PS3,HDTV and so on). It provides interface between any compatible AV source, such as a SD/HD Set-top box, DVD player, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, PVR, PC, PS3, AV receiver, Apple TV and any compatible monitor such as a Plasma or LCD Digital Television. This XO II Platinum 5 Metres PS3 HDMI Cable single cable transfers both Video AND Audio, making it simple one step solution to hooking up AV components !

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