XO FireWire 800 to 400 PRO FusionXLS 5m 9 pin to 4 pin Cable

XO FireWire 800 to 400 PRO FusionXLS 5m cables are designed and produced to the highest IEEE-1394b standard and specifications. Firewire Cables useful for Laptops, Desktop’s and peripherals as well as video conferencing, servers and mass storage systems. Firewire Cables are backwards compatible, ensuring continued use of your digital video camcorders, scanners, printers, video conferencing cameras and fixed-disk drives. With Windows Me or Apple’s FireWire Target Disk Mode you can also use an IEEE-1394b cable to connect two computers together to allow for file sharing. FireWire IEEE-1394 provides a direct digital link between up to 63 devices, with transfer speeds up to 400Mbs. Digital camcorders, scanners, printers, storage devices and other Firewire devices. IEEE-1394 devices 4-pin cables are for non-powered devices Data Transfer Speeds up to 400 Mbps Easy Plug n Play use Molded strain relief enhances durability of cable against stress Jacket Color is Black . IEEE 1394b FireWire 800 cables from Cables to Go are perfect for connecting your FireWire 1394b devices to your legacy 1394a ports. 1394b is the standard for transporting and networking multiple types of digital data between users and systems. They are made with gold plated contact interfaces on a 2mm centreline. They are hot pluggable and have a 1500 cycle minimum durability.

Data Transaction:
Twisted pair cabling and shielded construction ensure our IEEE-1394b cable meets or exceeds current IEEE-1394b standards. This cable is designed to be 100% compatible with Apple FireWire , Sony  iLink , and all other IEEE-1394 peripherals; also compatible with PC, Mac , Sun  and other IEEE-1394 equipped computers.


  • Connection Type: IEEE 1394 cable
  • Technology: Triple shielded
  • Length: 5 metres / 5m
  • Connector: 1 x 9 pin FireWire 800 – male
  • Connector: 1x 4 pin FireWire 400 – male
  • Compliant Standards: IEEE 1394b
  • 28awg cable
  • Fully compatible with Apple Mac and PC
  • 9 Pin (male) to 4 Pin (male)

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