XO FireWire 800 PRO FusionXLS 3m 9 pin to 9 pin Cable

The XO IEEE-1394b, or FireWire 800 cables (9 pin (male) to 9 pin (male) 800 ), are the latest in FireWire technology. Firewire cables are 100% compatible with Apple FireWire, Sony iLink, PC applications, and all other IEEE-1394b peripherals. This is twice the speed of the original 1394 standard. 1394b is a must-have for transporting and networking multiple types of digital data between users and systems.  XO FireWire 800 PRO FusionXLS 2m cables are designed and produced to the highest IEEE-1394b standard and specifications. Deliver you multimedia data in real-time, error-free and with data transfer speeds up to 800Mbps, twice the speed of original FireWire. Produced with a special braided and pvc skin enabling the cable to bend easily, for durability and flexibility.  These cables are backwards compatible, ensuring continued use of your Digital Video camcorders, scanners, printers, video conferencing cameras and fixed-disk drives. With Windows Me or Apple’s Firewire target disk mode you can also use an IEEE-1394b cable to connect two computers together to allow for file sharing.

Most advanced video and audio connection available for computers to HDTV:
IEEE-1394b is the latest in FireWire technology, and our IEEE-1394b or FireWire 800 cable provides transfer speeds up to a blazing 800 Mbps! This is twice the speed of the original 1394 standard, and is a real must-have for transporting and networking multiple types of digital data between users and systems. If your computer’s equipped with FireWire 800, you’re obviously passionate about speed and performance. Make sure you get the most out of FireWire 800 with quality cables. These 9-to-4 pin cables let you connect your FireWire 400 devices to your FireWire 800 ports, making sure your high-speed digital storage and video capture applications will be running their fastest. Our FireWire 800 cables come with the highest quality shielding to protect your data.

Key Features:
  • Connection Type: IEEE 1394 cable
  • Technology: Triple shielded
  • IEEE 1394b compliant
  • Length: 3 metres/3m
  • Connectors: 2 x 9 pin FireWire 800 – male
  • Compliant Standards: IEEE 1394b
  • Gold Plated connectors to prevent oxidisation for maximum reliability
  • 28awg cable
  • Fully moulded
  • Fully compatible with Apple Mac and PC
  • Transfers data without errors at rates of up to 400Mbps
  • 9 Pin (male) to 9 Pin (male)

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