Wii Component Cable 2 Metres product is a great alternative to the Nintendo Component cable and works just as well.

The Wii Component Cable 2 Metres splits the video signal into three separate components, producing brilliant HD images of up to 720p resolution on your HDTV. Precision engineered to strict standards, the 87206 features quad shielding to reduce interference and 8-cut connectors for more surface area and connection points. These 24k gold-plated, die-cast metal connectors feature a split-tip center pin for a superb connection of components up to six meters away. Experience ultra-realistic images to the fullest on your standard or HD TV. Immerse yourself  in the world of digital entertainment with superior quality sound and graphics enhanced by a premium quality component connection. This cable enhances picture quality resolution resulting in clear, crisp images with brighter colours. Ideal for larger, flat screen HDtv’s with component inputs. This Wii Component Cable 2 Metres has anti-corrosive, gold-plated contacts for ideal signal quality. For the best picture possible for your Wii experience connect your console to your TV with this component cable. The wii component cable will display a richer and cleaner picture than the standard composite cable that comes with your Wii.  Audio RCA cables are attached for easy setup. At less than a quarter of the price of Nintendo cable, and 100% of the quality, our cable is the perfect choice for your Wii gaming needs. Experience the best video signal the Nintendo Wii™ can provide with this high quality Wii component / audio cable. This 2m high-density polyethylene cable has gold plated contacts that enhance conductivity and resist corrosion for crystal-clear picture and audio. This high quality Wii component cable ensures that getting the best possible images that Wii console is capable of outputting. There will be a noticeable difference compared to the standard Wii cable, games will have extra clarity, much sharper, more defined and vibrant images.

Key Features:
  • Cable length 2m
  • For use with Nintendo Wii
  • High-Definition and Resolutions Multimedia Durable and Highly Functional Cable
  • Nintendo Wii AV Multi Out connector
  • Enables displays with natural and VIVID Colors
  • Injection-molded plastic headshell design with strain relief
  • Superior professional robust build-quality & construction
  • Compatible with most popular TVs with component video/audio inputs
  • Over-specced 720p potential resolution capability
Compatible With:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Component RGB TVs
  • Projectors

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