Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade Cable is perfect for home install or custom install.

Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade 2 x 0.75 mm / 25M Speaker Cable is ideal for use in home cinema and hi-fi systems as well as car audio systems. Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade  is perfect for home install or custom install. The stranded oxygen-free copper wire lowers inductance and capacitance to ensure superior sound quality. Van Damme Blue Series Studio Speaker signals are essentially relatively high DC voltages, a low dielectric constant is not a priority. Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade 2 x 0.75 mm / 25M Speaker Cable offers precise sound quality for today’s audio and home theater applications. This cost-effective, high performance wire delivers clear audio performance within a wide dynamic range. They now feature finer stranded conductors and utilize the latest PVC composite jacket materials to provide the highest level of flexibility married with totally efficient signal transmission. This range of 25M Speaker Cables is ideal for rehearsal and recording studio applications, but is equally at home in the live audio and presentation arena. The PVC polymers used by Van Damme maximize the flexibility, heat resistance and stress resistance characteristics of PVC to ensure that there is a minimum of insulation shrink back when soldering and a high level of flexibility even after years of use and abuse.


  • All conductors use Ultra pure oxygen free copper and are insulated with PVC (red and blue)Red is taken to be positive, blue negative
  • Length: 25M / 25 Metres
  • Overall jacket colour: Sapphire Blue RAL 5003
  • Overall Diameter: 5.6mm
  • Working Voltage: 300V/500V

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