The Wii Component Cable will always offer a good quality signal

The Wii component cable allows you to hook your Wii console system to a high-definition TV (HDTV) or enhanced-definition TV (EDTV) to view 480p progressive output. 480p progressive output displays at a higher resolution than standard 480i resolution. Wii component cable are produced to provide pure digital signals without distortion or loss in signal. They are made with Mylar foil to provide the best insulation possible. Don’t settle for less when selecting your Wii component cable. The Wii component cable links your Wii console to your TV, allowing you to view and enjoy your games with the best possible image display. Component video splits the signal into three separate channels of video information for the ultimate connection quality. Red, Green, and Blue component video connections together with stereo audio. Audio Quest Component Video & Stereo Audio Cable for Nintendo Wii connects your Nintendo Wii to your Plasma, LCD, Projector or AV Amp. With this Cable you can view your games and movies at the sharpest quality using the Nintendo Wii’s Enhanced Definition graphics with a component video cable.

This cable is a must for those wanting the clearest possible picture for their Component Wii. . The cable includes five connectors – three for video, and two for left and right stereo audio. Cable length is approximately 10m, 7.5m, 5m, 2m. Before using the Wii Component Cable, make sure your TV can accept component video connections – they are usually marked Y, PB, PR and are coloured green, blue and red. Superior conducting materials ensure less distortion and superior picture and sound. Attention to insulating materials also minimises distortion and ensures stable characteristics impedance. Superior shielding protects the all-important gaming signals from outside EMI interference. These ingredients and more help guarantee signal integrity all the way through your system.


  • High Quality Nintendo Wii Component Cable
  • Nintendo Wii AV Multi Out connector
  • 99.999% oxygen-free, silver-coated copper conductors for fast accurate and detailed digital video signal transfer.
  • Injection-molded plastic headshell design with strain relief
  • Superior professional robust build-quality & construction
  • Over-specced 720p potential resolution capability

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