The Ivuna 15m HDMI Cable with Ethernet offers the fantastic picture and sound quality

The Ivuna 15m  HDMI Cable with Ethernet is the latest Performance HDMI cable. The Ivuna 15m HDMI Cable with Ethernet offers the fantastic picture and sound quality you would expect from Ivuna all the new features including HDMI version 1.4, 3D, Ethernet and Audio Return. An advanced nitrogen gas injected di-electric with quad layer shielding corrects impedance variances to deliver maximum signal strength as well as improves accuracy while delivering the most enjoyable home theater experience. HDMI cables should be able to carry 3D video, especially if they’re 2 meters or less in length. If you’re buying new cables, look for ones labelled “high-speed,” “1.3,” or “1.4″ to be sure. You’ll need higher-bandwidth cables to carry the full 3D signal it’s equivalent to nearly two 1080p signals.  Ivuna HDMI cable is fully compatible with every HDMI device on the market and all HDMI specification version features including v.1.4a – (sometimes described as a ‘HDMI 1.4 cable’). Supporting full-HD (1080p video resolutions and beyond), 3D content, 4K resolutions, Audio Return Channel (ARC) plus an additional, dedicated data channel, known as the HDMI Ethernet Channel, for device networking. A professional grade cable for transferring high-bandwidth, uncompressed digital video, multi-channel digital audio and control functions. Oxygen free copper cable with EMI interference suppressors fitted. Supports 720 and 1080 video formats. HDMI cable is ideal for use with your Sky HD, PS3, Blu-Ray, HDTV and home cinema installations. It‘s an affordable, quality cable which features 24K gold plated contacts for optimal conductive ability and resistance to tarnishing and corrosion. High Speed HDMI cable features cutting edge design and construction to provide the highest quality, most reliable high speed HDTV connection available. This ‘future proof’ cable incorporates the latest HDMI technology. HEC, ARC and 3D compliant, it supports resolutions up to an amazing 2160p.

Compatible with

  • length : 15m
  • Delivers Up to 4k 2k resolution.
  • Male to Male Connection
  • Speed: High-Speed with Ethernet (Cat 2)
  • 24K Gold-plated Connector Plug Contacts
  • HDMI Switchers & Splitters

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