Premium N-Series 3m DVI to HDMI Cable Delivers Up to 1080p Digital HDTV

The Premium N-Series 3 Metre/ 3m DVI to HDMI Cables are made for connecting the two most used digital connectors, be aware that DVI only transmits video signals and no sound.  The Highest Quality All-Digital Video Interface The premium DVI 400 is a high-bandwidth video digital video connection that’s designed to meet the extreme demands of today’s high definition video. Get High-Definition Video with One High-Performance Cable Whether your most recent component or display is HDMI or DVI compatible you have invested in high- definition video technology so you could get superior picture. HDMI cables gives serious home theater lovers a lot to be excited about the format users in a whole new age of AV system simplicity, user-friendliness and extraordinary high definition sound and picture. And it’s backwards-compatible with DVI capable components. So if you already own high-end DVI capable devices and want to integrate newer HDMI equipment into your system, or vice versa, you can do it quickly and easily with the superior-quality construction and advanced technology of premium  HDMI to DVI.

Deliver sharp, crystal-clear picture and sound:
Advanced cable design, top quality materials, and superior construction maximize the experience and leave nothing to chance. Performance-enhancing features include silver-coated oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors with nitrogen-injected dielectric, 24k gold-plated connectors with silver solder construction, and durable, protective metal connector shells. 3m DVI to HDMI Cable is a perfect solution for connecting HDMI-capable digital video output devices to a display through a DVI-D input, or connecting a DVI-D output device to a HDMI-enabled display input. HDMI to DVI Components with One HDMI Cable and DVIs superior digital high-definition video signals give viewers the best picture of any available format.


  • Length: 4 Metres / 4m DVI to HDMI Cable
  • Silver-plated pure copper conductors for maximum conductivity and bandwidth
  • Connectors: HDMI Male/DVI Male, Type A
  • Delivers Up to 1080p Digital HDTV.
  • Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric with quad-shielding for maximum signal strength.
  • Connects computers with DVI output to HDMI components.
  • Connects A/V components with HDMI to a DVI input.

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