Kaiser HDMI Connector Lock Adpater with HDMI devices which have a suitably positioned fixing screw.

Kaiser HDMI Connector Lock Adapter is manufactured from a high quality thermoplastic polymer which, when warm, easily slips over the HDMI connector and forms a tight fit as it cools down. A built-in thumbscrew then allows the cable to be secured to one of our HDMI face plates or a suitably equipped HDMI device. Unlike DVI and VGA connectors which feature thumbscrews for attaching cables, standard Kaiser HDMI Connector lack any means of creating a secure connection to a display, projector, lock adaptor, wall plate or other device. Fitting the Kaiser HDMI Connector Lock Adapter  to the Kaiser HDMI Cable is simply a matter of warming it up for a few seconds so When used with our HDMI wall plates, the lock thumbscrew simply screws into the hex nut. You can also use the Kaiser HDMI Connector Lock Adpaterwith HDMI devices which have a suitably positioned fixing screw. The Kaiser HDMI Connector Lock Adapter has been designed to securely connect Kaiser HDMI Cables or Wall Plates to your appliances. Once fitted, it prevents accidental removal or disconnection. It’s easy to install, and one connector lock and one hex nut is supplied.


  • Length : 6mm
  • Innovative design and easy to install.
  • Ideal for use in education, training, public display and presentation environments.
  • For use with devices which feature a fixing screw approxiamately 4mm above the HDMI port.
  • Two connector locks and two hex nuts supplied.

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