Firewire is also known as I-link or IEEE1394 and is high speed

Firewire cable is also known as I-link or IEEE1394 and is high speed (400Mbps). Almost standard on all Digital Video Cameras, and offers a standardised, easy to use, plug and play method of connecting peripherals to your PC. Firewire cable is 5M long and offers 9 pin to 9 pin connectivity. Firewire cable are high speed data transfer cables. They are most common with Apple Macintosh items, but Firewire connectors are also found on products such as Camcorders & Ipods.  XO FireWire 800 to 400 PRO FusionXLS 5m 9 pin to 4 pin Cable attaches a device, like a digital camcorder (4-pin port), to your computer (6-pin port) at a transmission rate of up to 400Mbps. you need a 9-pin to 6-pin configuration to connect a computer to a camcorder. If you want to transfer video between two camcorders then you need a 9-pin to 9-pin configuration. If you want to conenct external disk drives or other storage peripherals then you’ll typically need the 6-Pin to 6-Pin configuration. Compatible with all Apple FireWire and Sony i.LINK devices. Designed for reliable data transmission in mind, this 1.8 metre cable is made from the highest quality materials available with an outstanding and user-friendly design. Firewire 800 leads, also known as 1394b • 9-pin male to 6-pin male connection • Suitable for speeds up to 800Mbps (for Firewire 800 enabled PCs) • Fully shielded for error-free connections • Gold plated connections. All camcorders use a 4-pin connector for their 1394 interface wheras nearly all computers use a 6-pin connector for their 1394 interface. FireWire 800 cables include “Beta” and “Bilingual” versions. “Beta” refers to cables with 1394b 9 pin connectors on both ends. FireWire cables and USB cables are used to connect a device to a Compuetr or hub. They are constructed of the highest quality wire allowed by the FireWire and USB specification, which allows you to maximise the full potential of the cable.

Technical Specification

  • Connection Type: IEEE 1394 cable
  • Technology: Triple shielded
  • Connector: 1 x 9 pin FireWire 800 – male
  • Connector: 1x 4 pin FireWire 400 – male
  • Compliant Standards: IEEE 1394b
  • 28awg cable
  • Fully compatible with Apple Mac and PC

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