Cablesson Vertical Flat Left 270 Degree HDMI Adapter save your time

Left 270 Degree HDMI Adapter

Cablesson Vertical Flat Left 270 Degree HDMI Adapter

Tight spaces giving you a problem to connect your HDMI cables? Tired of having to move your equipment just to reach in those “hard to get places?” The Cablesson Vertical Flat Left 270 Degree HDMI Adapter to save your time and efforts in your HDMI cables setup  Vertical Adapters are the perfect solution for relieving wear and tear on your equipments HDMI ports due to constant plugging and unplugging or when heavy HDMI cables put extra strain on the connectors.

If you were to say that the flat side of the connector were the top and the bevelled side were the bottom, this connector would point to the left when connected into a horizontally mounted HDMI port. If your port is vertically mounted and the flat side is on the left, it would point downward. If the flat side were on the right, it would point upward. By using  such Cablesson Vertical Flat Left 270 Degree HDMI Adapter thickness allows this HDMI adapter to transfer signal with no loss.the constant plugging and unplugging of cables can cause the HDMI cables on your HDTV and devices to wear down, become damaged, and even degrade picture quality.HD components with refresh rates of 480 Hz to 640 Hz yet compatible with slower refresh rates for the smoothest,Get All the Bandwidth Even for Massive 4Kx2K Screens.


1)  270-degree right angle
2) Ideal for LCD TVs and Plasmas with awkward connector positions.
3)  HDMI (female) input to HDMI (male) connector
4) Zero data loss
5)  Superior professional robust build-quality & durable construction
6) Injection-molded high-density plastion
7) Full 1080p resolutions supported (inc 24fps)
8)  DTS-HD Master Audio & Dolby TrueHD Audio supported
9) Gold plated connectors.

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