Cablesson HDelity series of HDMI over IP Receiver Unit uses a standard single Ethernet cable (CAT5/6)

The Cablesson HDelity series of HDMI  over IP Receiver Unit uses a standard single Ethernet cable (CAT5/6)to send a 1080p HDMI signal to displays upto 85 metres away and will also receive the IR signal to control the source cable without any loss of quality. The Cablesson HDelity HDMI  over IP Receiver Units can be placed next to displays supporting an almost unlimited number of HDTV display.Standard HDMI Extender devices transmit video and audio using a signaling method called TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Signaling). TMDS was designed for short cable runs, like those necessary to connect a cable box to an HDTV in an entertainment center. Cablesson HDelity HDMI over IP Gigabit technology means picture quality that is virtually indistinguishable from the source, suitable for the most discerning viewer.This plug and play system is incredibly simple to install – just connect a single UTP Ethernet cable from the Cablesson HDelity HDMI over IP G2 Transmitter to a GbE network switch, then feed the cables from the switch to an array of Cablesson HDelity HDMI over IP G2 Receivers.

Key Features
  • Maximum LAN Bandwidth: 250 ~ 300 Mbps
  • No Scaler function – direct video pass-thru
  • Visually lossless transmission of 1080p content
  • 2-way RS232 routing
  • Audio: 2.0 PCM stereo audio in the HDMI datastream. (5.1, 7.1 or lossless audio is not currently supported)
  • Firmware upgradable

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