Cablesson DisplayPort to HDMI Multimode Short 200mm Cable


VESA has introduced newest digital display interface standard that is known as DisplayPort. The format supports digital video as well as audio. It is also best for  connecting your DisplayPort equipment devices using HDMI cables to your exisiting HDMI devices. It is very easy to integrate a DisplayPort PC or Laptop and a Digital Video Monitor using the DisplayPort to DVI Multimode Short 200mm Cable. To run a presentation directly from your Computer or Laptop and watch movies you can use DisplayPort.


  • Compliant with DisplayPort 1.1 Specification for both 1.62 and 2.7 Gbps
  • Compliant with HDMI
  • Support full DisplayPort link traning
  • HDTV: 480i/p, 576i/p, 1080i/p
  • Short 200mm Cable
Compatible With:

  • PC / Monitors etc, 1080i/p, HDTV
  • Compatible with All PC and laptop computers with DVI output
  • Xbox or PS3 users will be able to connect to PC without additional hardware (max. resolution 720p)
  • Connnet your Xbox PS3 to HDTV

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