Octava HDS3-UK 3×1 HDMI switch will work with either DVI or HDMI

Octava HDS3-UK 3×1 HDMI  switch will work with either DVI or HDMI. The TWO ways HDMI splitter / amplifier allows one HDMI devices such as Blue Ray DVD Player, Sky Box, PS3, Xbox360 etc. to be split to TWO HDMI Compatible Monitors, HDTV or Projectors. As it comes with the amplifier function, this 2 way HDMI splitter can be placed at the end of a long HDMI cable to enhance and regenerate the HDMI signal.Clear Eye is based on the latest generation chipsets and ultra wideband design techniques meeting HDMI intelligently. The EYE pattern shows the same HDMI signal after it has been compensated by the Octava HDMI switch utilizing Clear EYE.The Octava 3×4 HDMI Distribution Amp is designed for Professional HD installation requiring multiple HD displays. The 3×4 HDMI distribution amplifier includes 3 HDMI source inputs and 4 HDMI outputs.Smart ScanTM algorithm intelligently selects the correct HDMI source so you can enjoy the program instead of fumbling with the remote. This high quality professional HDMI Audio Switch easily transmits Full HD 1080p up to 100m using standard CAT6 or CAT7 cable.

Key Features:

HDMI 1.3 compliant

1)3D compatible

2)Smart SCAN -

3)Clear EYE

4)Energy Smar

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