Basic High Performance HDMI Cables

The Basic High Performance HDMI Cables are suitable for use with HDTV, Home Theater, Games Consoles, Blu-rays, Cable or Satellite boxes and Projectors.  The Eco HDMI Cables is your affordable connection to thrilling high definition picture and sound. The Eco HDMI Cables ideal for today’s entry-level HDTVs, upconverting DVD players, and HD cable/satellite receivers, it delivers lasting Monster quality and durability at a price that fits virtually any HD entertainment budget. This Eco HDMI Cables also delivers pure digital surround sound that completely envelops you in crystal clear audio for an incredible movie, music, and game experience. With all these features and more the  cable is also CL-3 rated so it can be installed in-wall and completely hidden from view for clean, neat looking flat-screen TV installations. The Eco HDMI Cables highly recommend this Monster MCHDMIB-2M Basic HDTV HDMI Cable (2 meters). The Eco HDMI Cables high-end Blu Ray player with the 3D bundled package which ultimately yields Avatar, 3 pairs of glasses, and Monster MCHDMIB-2M Basic HDTV HDMI Cable (2 meters) of the best TV is sold. The Eco HDMI Cables Ethernet Channel adds high speed networking to an HDMI link to allow users to take full advantage of their IP-enabled device without a separate Ethernet cable. The Audio Return Channel allows an HDMI connected TV with a built in tuner to send audio data “upstream” to a surround audio system.

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