XO Platinum Flat Metal HDMI cable is designed to ensure a perfect transfer of digital video

The XO Platinum 5m Flat Metal HDMI cable is designed to ensure a perfect transfer of digital video and multi-channel audio signal. Made of High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), the conductor has a very high conductivity, low signal loss and degradation and low electric resistance. High-Density shielding technology will reject EM and RF interference, while gold plated connectors will ensure a tight grip. 26 AWG cable shielding will reduce crosstalk and are better than the traditional round cables.  Specification Length: 5 Meters / 5m Flat HDMI Cable Metal Die-cast casing Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric wіth quad-shielding fοr maximum signal strength. Delivers Up tο 1080p Digital HDTV . 24K Gold-plated Connector Plug Contacts Mylar Backed Foil ATC Certified HDMI 1.3b Delivers 340 MHz (10.2 Gbps) tο support thе demands οf future high definition ѕhοw devices, such аѕ higher resolutions, Deep Colour, xvYCC Colour аnd high frame. A high quality XO Platinum 5m Flat Metal HDMI cable for transferring, uncompressed digital video, audio and control functions.  Compatible Gold plated connectors Recommended to connect DVD Players/DVD Recorders/Sky Digital/FREEVIEW/VCRs etc to you TV. Perfect Fit – Quality metal ends means the cable fits well and doesn’t fall out, no matter how long you have the cable.

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