The NEW v1.4 Ikuna Advanced High Speed range of HDMI cables

The new v1.4 Ikuna  HDMI Cables mainly used in plasma TV, LCD TV, rear projection TVs, projectors record / video player, D-VHS record / video player and digital video display device video and audio signal transmission.Line length:9m. UP to 1080p Full HD picture and sound from the largest HDTVs, advanced projectors, and digital AV sources. Ideal for advanced HDTVs with xvYCC colour also called x.v.Colour. x.v. Colour widens the number of available colours for 1.8 times more colours than standard RGB. Ikuna HDMI also enables an all-digital connection between digital source devices, such as DVD players, DVD recorders, digital set-top boxes, PVRs, DVRs and AV receivers. HDMI  cables is a digital interface that was specifically created for use on consumer AV products. This Quality High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cables (also known as HDMI version 1.4a) can be used with all current HDMI equipment including the new 3D TV’s and is fully backward compatible with ALL equipment that requires an HDMI cable.

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