Premium HDMI Cables Series from HDTrinity

The Premium HDMI Cables Series from HDTrinity is one of the highest quality HDMI Cables available. These HDMI Cables feature a protective nylon mesh sheath to improve durability and appearance. Dual Color injection molded HDMI plugs add beauty as well as an additional layer of insulation against radio freqency interference to keep your digital signal as pure as the movie director intended. HDTrinity is so confident about these cables, they stand behind them with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This high quality 1m (3.3ft) HDMI Cables delivers crisp images with support for 1080p+ high definition applications and rich sound reproduction that’s worthy of the investment you have made in your audio-video equipment. Premium High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet is a superb, high quality cable, ideal for use with Sky HD, PS3, Blu-Ray, HDTV and home cinema installations. 3D came increased bandwidth requirements for HDMI. When viewing 3D content, each eye is delivered a full 1080p picture so this doubles the information being sent from your Blu-ray Player to your TV.  The introduction of HDMI v1.4 paths the way for this increased resolution to reach our Living Rooms in the not too distant future.

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