Platinum version HDMI High Speed 10.2 Gbps Cable (v1.4)

IvunaHDMI Cables support HDMI 1.4 standards for transferring high resolution video up to 10.2Gbps ( up to 1440p ) and high definition audio Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Because of the flat technology of the wire, crosstalk between conductors is greatly reduced. HDMI 1.4 certified cables are designed to provide the highest quality in High Definition Video and Digital Audio transfer.  Simply the best cables you can get for your home theater system. (High Definition Multimedia Interface) 400 is a remarkable new high-bandwidth digital connection that offers superior digital video and multi-channel audio in a single cable. This cable delivers crystal clear, all digital audio and video using a single cable that dramatically simplifies cabling to provide the highest quality of home theater experience. This Ivuna HDMI cable HDMI 4metre features high density triple-layer shielding for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI, gold-plated internal shield and gold contact connectors and which reduce signal loss.

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