Micro new Hdmi cales compatible with most digital cameras and camcorders

The new HDMI specifications introduce a Micro Hdmi cables connector which is approximately 50% smaller than the previous Mini connector and roughly the size of a Micro USB connector. The new micro-HDMI (Type D) connector is being implemented on many new portable devices including some of the hottest new smartphones.  Bring HDMI capabilities to your smart phone or other mobile device with this Micro HDMI (Type D Connector) cables. The HTC EVO 4G offers a sharp and smooth video experience on the phone itself, but for a device with 720p capabilities, it isn’t quite as crisp as it should be when using the HDMI output . The HDMI connector is small, which makes it is ideal for installers and in-wall use. MIcro HDMI cables can be used with your HDTV’s, DVD players, game consoles, cable and satellite set top boxes and DVRs.  They range up to the latest v1.4 cables with Ethernet, 3D, Audio Return and more but other than 3D.

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