Flat HDMI cable supports all HDTV resolutions

Flat HDMI cables supports all HDTV resolutions even the next generation 2160p HDTV. Its flat and thin feature makes it perfect for wall, ceiling, tile and under rug installations without sacrificing performance. Flat HDMI Cables represent the highest level of performance offered by HDMI Cables. Flat HDMIcables support all the newest features. This 1440p, flat HDMI cable family conforms to the latest HDMI version 1.4 & CL2 rated specs and are designed to ensure perfect transfer of digital video and multi-channel audio signals. High-speed HDMI 1.4 standards require extreme precision and quality in the manufacturing process. Flat HD is a high quality high speed HDMI compliant flat cable designed for transmitting high-bandwidth, uncompressed video and multi-channel digital audio signals between HDMI compliant devices. Its unique flat design allows you to hide the cable in-wall, under carpet or behind baseboard, offering a more flexible and seamless cable installation and greater durability over time.

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