3m / 3 Metre PRO GOLD (1.4 Version, 15.2Gbps) HDMI TO HDMI CABLE

This great new generation 1.4 Version HDMI-HDMI Cable was born especially for you to practice your tv’s true capabilities. HDMI cables is the new standard for digital video and digital audio transmission supporting standard, enhanced and high definition video and transmitting multi-channel digital audio along side the video signals. XO Pro Gold Great for installers wanting a quality Digital cable. Toslink Connection type. 3m / 3 Metres (9.6ft). This is a great new HDMI cable with 1.4 Version which has a Ethernet technology built-in. TosLinkTM and EIA-J compatible and delivers highly accurate digital information. Constructed from a High Grade Light Conductive Core and insulated by a non-reflective black PVC dielectric, to help reduces jitters and improve resolution.  XO Pro Gold Range Series Digital Optical Cable is designed specifically for today’s hi-performance home entertainment products.

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