1.4 HD entertainment system with this high-speed HDMI cable

Flat HDMI  Cables HD entertainment system with this high-speed cable. Its flat design saves space and is ideal for hiding under carpet or along walls. The future of digital video connectivity, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), four little letters which will come to have a great deal of meaning to anyone with an interest in high end home theatre over the coming months and years. The  flat hdmi cable features a flat design to allow it to be easily routed underneath carpets, along walls and behind equipment. Flat HDMI Cables high quality HDMI cables that are certified to the highest standard (high speed or category 2) including the new version 1.4 cables with Ethernet channel. This conveniently flattened cable is certified High Speed HDMI w/Ethernet, allowing it to support up to 1440p resolution. HDMI 1.4 Flat HDMI Cables Standard Speed with Ethernet Cable A premium quality flat HDMI cables offering more flexibility than our 7014 round cables.

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