speaker cables

Speakers are a significant part of stereo, and help to determine the overall sound coming from the system. You can spend around $100 for an inexpensive pair, or thousands and thousands on a high-end, state-of-the-art one. 

These devices are of many types and come in various models: on-wall, in-wall, satellite, bookshelf and floorstanding. Bookshelf and floorstanding models usually have the best sound since the enclosures and speakers are performance matched. Satellite models are quite small, and occupy much less space. On-wall ones are quite common with flat-panel TVs. In-wall models not only have good sound, but can also be painted so as to match the walls. All models of stereo speakers come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes; the ideal way to select these devices is to test several models by listening to them before making any decision.

  • Read reviews on the Internet and in audio magazines to help you determine which stereo speakers to listen to.
  • Look for the acoustic suspension speakers if you wish to have tight, clean, accurate bass.
  • Set your budget for the speaker cables; they can cost you a few dollars to several thousand of dollars.
  • If you want big and wide soundstage, go for the flat panel speakers.
  • If you are looking for inexpensive models, shop in electronic stores; however, if you are in search of high-fidelity ones, audio specialty stores are the right place to go.
  • Avoid listening to those models that are not within your price range.
  • Ask the salesperson of the shop to position the models optimally.
  • Purchase good quality of  the speaker cables.

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