What will What Hi Fi do now? Path has gone!!!!

We heard path got to sold to path???? did i hear that right??? Yes, Path PLC sold to Path Products Ltd. Same scam as the savastore/saverstore.

Every staff and their customer knew Path was going down, thanks to Comet their biggest customer left them for M@nster the American Giant.

Actually i really feel sorry for What Hifi and there editors, whos going to pay there salary??? they did see that coming. Dont worry what hifi will still rub some customers. We have inside news that shows that What Hifi gave X brand 3/5 and Y brand 5/5 even though they are made in the same factory same supplier for cable…. figure it out….

After a period of sustained difficult trading, the assets and trade of the Path Group has been sold under administration as a Pre-Pack to Path Products Ltd, a division of the Vestatec Group.

Joe Carri, CEO said “I am pleased to be able to make this announcement; we have always taken great pride in bringing great brands to market such as IXOS® and HeadFunk®, through a strong team of committed people. I look forward to taking the next steps in the evolution of our business and this would not have been possible without the support from Vestatec.”

Robert Drake, CEO of Vestatec said “I have seen both the Path and IXOS® brands evolve over the last 20 years, and this move will strengthen both our companies, and generate further possibilities for our partners”

This move will allow Path Products Ltd to continue to expand its product lines through award winning products and acclaimed dealer training.”

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